Dear admins, what can we as players do against cheaters?

Vigor is a survival game, like Conan!
I don’t know how good or bad it is
but i doubt it’s that broken as conan exiles is.

Pork glitch it’s the glitch that made most of my friends quit conan.
Mod edit: snip (please do not explain how to perform exploits)

didnt found it, its on Steam?

lets discuss what is the worse problem?
lags, max stats and other bugs, spammed map with foundations,
LOL (crying),

i vote on max stats, i think its the most destroying bug of the game, because imagine someone farming and making pvp at same time, one guy like this plays many times faster the game than us, then imagine an whole team using this…

Looked it up and it’s for consoles, and looks not even be close to be same as conan exiles. More like rust.

I think the crash is biggest problems as some brats crashed server whole day so no one could play at all while full 50 stats player is still killable by atleast 2 people or 1 skilled person. Anyway… both of them make game stupid and not worth time to play so i vote all of them are gamebreaking.

The crashing of the server and max stats are the same glitch. They have to crash the server to get all the stat points. I think everyone knows this by now so I am not sayin anything new here. Sorry for interrupting.

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Yeah but some groups even do it to dupe arch-priests. (one dude is duping stats, second one is siting on yog for example, third on mitra priest spawn) - when server crashes it refresh spawn. When you have group you can do many things for adventage, just use imagination. In one day 4 man clan can wipe anything in game but yes 50 stat exploit is CORE problem.

I reported a hacker/cheater on my server and even made a video that clearly showed that I was being attacked by an enemy inside an intact base.

After submitting my report, Funcom said:

  • We’re currently experiencing a high volume of tickets and response might be delayed.
  • Not all reports will warrant an intervention from our team.
  • We will not be able to disclose any results or progress that stemmed from this report.

Why did I even bother to report the hacker?


LOL MATE it’s standard copy-paste answer.
Don’t worry i wasted many hours on collecting evidence and sending many reports.

I just dropped game now, PLACED 2 NEGATIVE REVIEWS ON STEAM and now im only forum USER. The game has no hope. Funcom did failed with other titles as well - like always good concept for game but wasted it to ground, just wasted potential.


Yeah…same thing happend to me!
I don’t even bother!
Use the glitch, screw the game, make players quit, maybe funcom fix it faster while losing money!

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Everyone should know how to exploit this broken game if they want to play, that’s the only way to fight back since reports do nothing. The Rerpot Server Button on PS4 doesn not work for months, where are we supposed to report a crashed server?
FUNCOM does nothing, last time was a floating base behind the green wall, I didn’t even report since you DO NOTHING, I went there and raided…
Screw it!
People are using pork glitch, everyone should know how to use it too.
Look on youtube people! \o/
There is also a glitch how to crash servers and max all your stats…that’s it +50 on all attributes.
Look for all conan exiles glitches, all on youtube!
Let’s survive on this nice survival game, unfortunately, nicely glitched too! \o/

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Thank you, it’s good to read that I’m not the only one to be offended by the fact that Funcom is not doing its job properly.

So many unfixed bugs, so much contempt from them for not listening to the few players still present.

I keep losing players on my servers because they are fed up with the technical problems caused by this game.

I’m ashamed of their job, ashamed of their inability to improve their game, ashamed of the way they divide the players into two distinct worlds, ashamed that they spend more time getting out DLCs than stabilizing their game.

As an admin, 99% of the time I lose is because of problems caused by these inefficient developers. There’s not a month where I don’t tell myself that I’m just going to stop with this game, and move on…

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The team that looks at and reviews the reports is extremely small.

Reporting the hacker/cheater is the right thing to do. It allows the team to see what is happening, determine if it is new or old, and confirm if it has been fixed in an internal build or is currently fixed in TestLive.

Even if you never hear back on a report, please continue to submit them. They will be looked into and allow them the time to do so. You are correct in that you will not get an answer/response concerning the results of your report.


I honestly think this is a flaw, it is not enough for justice to be done, but it must be seen to be done.

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Yeah sure if you don’t value your time then keep collecting data / evidences - I did it many times and cheaters / server crashers and exploiters (Same people) still playing on and griefing almost 2 MONTHS later. Saying that team that reviews reports is small does not matter coz even if they review it, most of the time they don’t act.


Can we please get official thread for this issue so we can be notified when the game becomes playable again?


i know… but, on SA servers i was not sure, like i said to admins…

sometimes was lagging and crashing with only me online,

and i wanst making it, of course, LOL kk

I will !

Thanks for ignoring my direct question.

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Hey @Kyra (and thread),

We are continuing to fix and improve the measures against undermeshing and other exploits, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Until then, apologies for any frustration this can cause.

Let us break down the answer to address your points:

That draws the line between a fair player and a cheater, in essence.

Correct, it is one of our forum guidelines, which you can check here:
However, you can report those IDs with evidence other than a blind accusation by following the instructions listed here:

That is incorrect, unless you specifically refer to our volunteer moderators. In that case, they can’t help with handling player infractions. They are, as their role title implies, volunteers that voluntarily offer their help in moderating the forums and making sure the guidelines are respected using their free time and will.

This is incorrect.
Please refer to our server rules document:

Please make sure to report any possible infraction to us by following the procedures listed in that document. Last time you got in touch with us was in June, and sadly came to no fruition as we couldn’t hear back from you. Once more, please read our server rules and procedures and help us by providing the required information.

This is mostly incorrect, not only because of the estimation of the time it takes to proceed with this approach, but because of the approach itself. Let us elaborate.

The problem is the goal, not the specific tool used. We initially approached it by fixing every tool used as it was reported (and sometimes, those who knew about these methods were less than willing to share that knowledge), but just created a new tool to be used for the same goal to be found soon after. We have then set our focus not on fixing undermeshing per se, as it is most likely an unsolvable problem (at least 100%) in a free-form sandbox game, but to deter its use for exploiting purposes: the tool not only kills the character who accesses undermesh after certain parameters are met (to avoid false positives), but also at the same time feeds us data we can use on which spots are being used to undermesh, and by who. This data we can use to keep working on improving the tool and addressing specific spots in the map while building a pool of IDs potentially flagged for future banwaves if, again, a certain threshold is met.

The current anti-undermesh tool is not perfect, but it has shown dramatically positive results during its initial test run. On the servers it has been enabled (so far, PC PVP Exiled Lands), the number of received reports decreased by a 70 to 80% in internal telemetry -while the tool wasn’t active until recently, its detecting features have been for a while.Also, reports received from players on the servers while it is active have slowed down significantly as well. This has shown way more promising results than when we, for instance, fixed braziers when they were used as a tool. It took less than a week to have a new popular method to undermesh with.
In turn, this is also showing that it’s an approach worth investing for Siptah. Then again, the tool is not perfect, but it is proving to be an all-around better approach mid to long term, while private servers, which is where the majority of our PC players spend most of their time in (other than singleplayer), can also benefit from it.

Regarding other exploits, including the stats and server crashing, we have been working on fixing them and their potential fixes are now out on Testlive. Fixing them was not as easy as flipping a switch and come with other related fixes intertwined with them (for instance, the max stats fix came with 5 different internal tasks alone), which is also why we can’t just separate those fixes and release them as a separate hotfix without significant work. There’s still not been feedback coming from Testlive regarding this fix, for better or for worse, but internal testing showed promising results we’d love to confirm on Testlive.

Until those fixes are released live, we apologize for any frustration they will cause. Once again do feel free to report infractions by following the procedures listed in the server rules, which have been linked above. Response might still take more time than ideally, so apologies in advance for that. We have been taking active steps in improving that by doubling our staff, which we hope will start showing results in the upcoming weeks and months.

We will proceed to close the thread now, once the initial points have been addressed. Once again, please do remain respectful, most importantly towards each other, but also to our volunteers and staff. And please, stop abusing the moderation flags.

Thank you.