Dear funcom, I have a slight building issue about circular structures

I am attempting (again) to place a three ring circular structure on top of a 7x7 square structure. Basically I just want a tower on top of my house.

While I can build it (with some difficulty), however it does not survive server restart. A 3 ring tower is basically a 6x6 circle, The problem is that there is a slight offset when placed on a 6x6 square structure, which I believe breaks stability upon restart. My character is level 31, and most of that time was trying to figure out how to make this house work. And yes it did work during early access.

So if you could fix this very unique issue so I can enjoy the rest of the game.

While on the subject wedges should lose 10 not 20 stability since they a lot smaller.

Wedge foundations can’t be placed on top of wedges unlike foundations can place on top of the ceilings tiles.

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