Death screen freeze then spawn in desert

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]

[This has occurred ever since the previous patch. Not the one today, but the one about a week ago. I can jump off a cliff or get killed by a mob and die, but the screen doesn’t even show my death, it shows the last frame right prior to me dieing with my hp gone. Then it goes to the loading screen of conan and spawns me into the desert. I have seen others on reddit with same issue but no fix. Prior to that, everything worked fine. I have a ATI card so not sure if that helps.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Die via bracelit, mob or jumping off a cliff
3.Loading screen of Conan
4.Back in the desert


I and everyone playing on our community server (5 total) are having this exact same issue. We have found that if we repeatedly die by removing bracelet, the bed/bedroll/desert dialog will come up and let us choose. We are running some mods, but not much and certainly not anything that effects death/dying. I’ve tried turning off mods and it still happens.

I also can confirm this,sometimes my bed spawn point wont even work and shoots me right to the desert.

Yep its an issue for everyone on official since last patch. There’s a freeze upon death, and then you have only a few seconds to pick your respawn location after the unfreeze. If your pc runs slower, you may not even unfreeze before you can select/change your spawn location.

Yep my private server is getting this too and we dont have any mods.

Is everyone still having these issues? I certainly am.

Yep, this is still going on for almost everybody. The problem is exacerbated by the character’s overall inventory load prior to the first death of the session. Based on my dedicated server logs when it occurs for clients, some character object references were somehow broken in the patch and are causing the problem, namely: EquipmentInventory, BackpackInventory, RecipeManager, CraftingQueue, FeatInventory, ShortcutBarInventory.

Because there’s sort of a workaround, (dying repeatedly in the same game session until your respawn menu loads in sub-10 seconds), I suspect it may not be getting the kind of priority that it should. Here’s hoping, though.

@Tascha, is this on the books yet? I don’t see it in the Issue Status thread.