Horrible horrible crash on death - crashes to desktop and spawns in desert ignoring bedrolls

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Crash]
Server type: PvP ]
Region: [Oceania]

[Describe the bug here]

I dont know where the hell this one came from, but as a long time player i can only assume it came in the most recent patch. This ones a nightmare and royally screwed me when raided as i crashed and it wipes your spawn point.

Effectively - almost every time i die now, either legit death, killed by temperature or remove bracelet, i crash to desktop.Worse - it spawns me in the desert as it also clears spawn points

I dont have a bed right now (freshly raided) but just put down a sleeping mat and it ignored it on death - i crashed and spawned in desert. If i remove my bracelet straight away i have no option to respawn other than desert but it doesnt crash - it seems only if i’ve played for alittle while, possibly if i’ve gotten into combat. I’ll try and test that and will report back.

Hey @Decado

Have you tried verifying your files on Steam to check if there’s any that is corrupted and causing this crash?
Otherwise, could you let us know your system specs and if there is any third-party software installed and running that could be interfering with Conan Exiles on your computer?
Thanks in advance.

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Hey Ignasis - i think this may have been caused by one of the recent AMD catalyst drivers - I upgraded that since and played for hours last night without a teleport or death crash (i forgot to mention it can happen teleporting). I’ll continue testing and will update if it’s still happening.


Thank you for the follow-up @Decado. Could you let us know which was the AMD Catalyst version that was causing this error for you so we can warn any other players experiencing this about it?

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