Decay timer 0:00

Im on a PvE combat server and there is a location where a base is that I want to take over. Problem is that the decay timer is 0:00 but I cant destroy it. How long does a building take to break/be able to be broken after it hits 0:00?

I think about it shows 0:00 for about an hour real-time and then should go into a “decay” state …where the building will show decay in red when you look at pieces of it holding a decay hammer…when it has the red decay line in the description is when you can usually get the “demolish” option when you interact with it. Usually that decay state has a 24 hour timer on it and then the building will spontaneously despawn.
I had noticed that with this extended holiday timer that my neighbour’s base was in a “decayed” state for longer.

alright. I heard others say it can take 2 hours but whatever. I was able to get the land after I woke up over 8 hours later.

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