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Somehow I just knew this would be your knee-jerk comeback. And my answer, as always, is “No.”
I don’t want to be in a clan since it means handing over ownership of my structures to someone else. I like chatting with people in global and helping out newbies with a set of armor or the odd weapon, but I play far too little to be in charge of a clan, and I don’t want someone else to be in charge of me, either.

Aren’t you kinda making my point, though? I posit that the guy who is more likely to be able to do that every day of the week is the same guy who has the mega structures spread all over the map.

Of course. Never said they weren’t. You stated you were assuming the only ones who have a problem with a short decay timer are the ones who have built mega structures. And I’m saying you’re wrong - they’re probably the ones who don’t care.

No. If you had a clue, you’d realize that again and again I’ve advocated for ten days, as a happy medium - it’s a little less than what I would personally prefer, but it could be an okay compromise. You’d be able to take your family away for a week, or go on an ad-hoc business trip without having to start from scratch every time.

Seems to me you’re the one whining about everyone who wants to play the game differently from you.

Yeah, no, again: This game is not marketed as “For online clans only. Requires a laptop”. So no. And for the record, family vacations don’t HAVE to be all about plane tickets and luxury hotels (I’ve made this point before, because you’re literally just rehashing the same old arguments - but then I guess, so am I).

Yeah, well, good for you (or bad, really, you’re missing out on a lot - not for the business trips, those do get tedious after a while but travelling in general is awesome). But again: This game is not developed just for you, so… it should try to accommodate more than just the super-dedicated. Buying a laptop you wouldn’t otherwise buy definitely counts as super-dedicated.

Kettle, meet pot. Maybe re-read your own post and see if you still want to pursue this argument? But yes, it is. Because I think it’s important to realize that this argument is just coming from regular people who want to combine their love of gaming (this game, specifically) with regular family life.

It does say a lot, but the solution is not going to be to drive away a significant amount of the already sorely depleted playerbase with (even more) draconian limitations and rules.

Well I wouldn’t necessarily be against that, as long as the limit was high enough that “normal” base building is not affected, whereas server-spanning highways become a no-go. I do have a feeling that the knowledge that there is a ceiling, even a far-away one, would put a damper on the feeling of freedom the building system currently gives.


Not necessarily whining, I am complaining about a heavy amount of lag on the servers. It really is bothersome. Sure I can also just decide to play single-player, not sure what I, someone who actually want to PvP, will get out of single-player though.

Nor do I get much out of playing on an empty server, that would essentially be the same as playing single player.

I would love if they decided to get some better servers that could handle the stress put on them, especially since they have known for long just how much stress players insist on putting on the server.

Again, 5 minutes, perhaps even only 2 minutes a day is not long just to avoid decay. I don’t see why there should be any complications.

If they are gone for 6 days without any intention of logging in at all, then they are gone from the game regardless.

Everything else is just taking up server capacity.

Certainly, but the insane server lag already ruins the game quite a lot. As I mentioned, there are no suitable, easy compromise here.

Unless of course the servers are getting a boost so that they can handle more.


Now you’re just being deliberately obtuse. What if I am away from my PC? No, buying a laptop is not a reasonable answer to that. Most people would rather drop the game - not what you want. There’s a number of more or less cumbersome technical workarounds that some people would be able to do, but it’s a huge barrier to entry. This product is supposed to be a game, entertainment, not a second job.

And again, the two-minute thing is only enough if all your structures are connected. I have multiple (small) bases, some of them quite some distance apart. Now that’s of course my choice, but I’m only limited like this because I refuse to be “part of the problem” and connect everything with ugly roads all across the server.

What? No. Why on earth would they be “gone”? There’s SO many things that can cause a person to be unable to play for a week, without necessarily meaning that they have quit the game.

That’d always be welcome. I am hoping that the orphaned thralls dying off and the performance enhancements when it comes to structure loading that are coming will help.


Suits everyone, and should be fairly easy to implement.


Does starting anew on a more populated server count as coming back? Because that would be the thing I would do…
But more because of being able to get in contact with other players, not because I enjoy stone/iron tools that much…

Much shorter decay might lead to even more people frightened away after their first loss.
Instead of more agressive decay, just force purge on full meter. And have the max number scale with total number of individual players having logged into the game the day before. This would counter any structure which isnt paid attention to…

While I agree on clans, there might be times when eighter a player got trust isses (raising my own hand on that one) or some bad coincidence happens (hand up in the sky again -> me holiday, clanmate hospitalized…) so even a clan wouldnt help. (One other whom I asked to help us out wasnt able to help out due to health problems which blocked him for almost those two weeks. He only played whatever he could while laying. (I didnt question it further.)
So thats 2 of 2 really active players being forced offline from Conan. And someone else who joined the server only to help with decay.
Oh, and no. Not everyone can be trusted.
There are a few we know but didnt want to ask about this, as they already failed a test wether they would steal or not. Guess what happened.
Other than that, said server is dead. There arent even many structures anymore.

So I honestly believe its not the structures but rather all the player data causing lag?!

I mean sure, giant structures wont help when loading them in. I know that myself. This is the reason I am playing on low…


Well, no one needs to play Conan Exiles to stop the decay timer, just log in and then out, done. But as you mentioned, you did not ask further into it.

Could be. It is just a common thing in these types of games, massive structures = more data to load = more stress on servers = more server lag.

This is why you can jump from one server to another and experience to different levels of server lag now, I remember at official release that all servers were 40/40.


I actually think that most “lag” comes when game server/client loads areas, i noticed this when i installed fresh server and i was first to run there, i get the same stutter in Asagarth and some other areas that i get in official servers.


Which is why I support closing a lot of servers and semi-forcing people to merge into other communities, with some advanced warning so they can find anonymous friends. It would wholly suck to be on the end that gets closed on, but at the same time it sucks to play Solo (as in no other players) in a multiplayer mode.

I voted 10 day decay timers because it allows for a few extra days for those who can only log in once a week, or the average 7 day vacation, without losing stuffs.


You need to log in and be around the structure you want to reset the timer for. If you have more than one location, it cannot be done in a minute or two.

I’m not sure if you think further harassing people with stricter decay timers will magically fix lag or what (it might help, but only because instead of 5-10 players online you now have 1-2). But that’s not what I’d call a success story.


Bump. Any update here DEVs???



Demotivating to see such a large post with so many giving thoughts and sharing thinking and not one response to this.

I am sure they have a reason so. I think as long as they do not have an answer on their own they will not response.


Agreed. It’s odd, it’s almost as if they thought the poll would show something else, and now they don’t have an answer to what it actually showed.


Funcom = Buyer beware


hi, im still new and just solo so far (level 43 now) :slight_smile:

i can understand if a server gets lots of people, and some just pop on, and build stuff here and there, but then move to another server, but im just wondering… what actually is it about the abandonded bases that causes the actual lag?
(just numbered for easy reference)

  1. is it that each base attracts a separate purge, and that this causes the server to calculate how many minions to send?

  2. is that each building keeps producing things in the queue?
    maybe if a player is inactive for too many days, anything in the queue simply halts?

  3. is it all their thralls runing around?
    maybe if thralls, they could set it that all thralls return to a passive (defense only) stance, if the owner (or none of the clan members) pop online for a few days.

unless any players run around and view someones base, how would that base cause any loading issues (apart from saving or restoring the save backups) if the base is just out of sight, and simply built? (just wondering) :slight_smile:


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