Decay Timers Removed Issue

Hi folks

Does anyone see the potential problems coming out of decay timers being removed on PVE-c?

Why? I mean I understand the infinite load issue…but in removing decay, aren’t they just introducing huge potential problems with land claim and and other issues like eventually there being little to no space to build??

Can anyone explain a benefit for me? How do we get rid of abandoned buildings now?

Where they say they were remove decay timers of official servers (PvE-C)? I did not read that (of course may have missed it).

It’s a temporary measure to stop 100s of players losing their game process. They have disabled timers in the past, and had no adverse effects.

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You wait for them to turn decay back on and then wait for those buildings to decay. It’s not like they said they’re turning off the decay as a solution, it’s a temporary measure while they’re troubleshooting the affected servers.

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You literally answered your own question… Hit that solution button on your opening post…

Why are you opening a new thread on the same topic you just posted earlier?

Did you not like the responses over there? :thinking:

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After your server will be non accessible you’ll think otherwise of this. Thank goodness the timers are off and everybody perhaps wont loose everything.

Phew! Good to hear that it is temporary!

Thank you

Dude you are a very negative person. I’ve been reviewing a lot of your comments and you are consistently berating or chiding my comments. I don’t think I will reply to you anymore. It is not worth the censure.

The OP clearly thought this was a bug/ long term solution.

The first 2 answers in the previous thread (bug report), if read without context, appear to imply that this is permanent.

So he opened up a discussion… quickly accepted his error, and was grateful for the update.

I don’t agree…I think you both have just misunderstood each other. @SindeeSyringe thinks you want everyone to lose their progress (that clearly isn’t your intention with this post).

We were all set to lose 1000s of hours of progress before timers were removed. So tensions were a little high maybe.

A wise person once said;

Now hug…(or actually, given the current social climate, fist bump😅) and make up.


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Thank you for understanding and your comment.

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