Decorative Land Claim and pet spawn point voilation

On official server 6111, at M-10, the clan: “Ancient Order” built an expansive base on this location that has been blocking off a baby crocodile spawn point as well as a massive part of the lake above that spawns the spitting lizards. I recently traveled here to get the flame sacs from the lizards and found it overwhelmingly covered by this massive hold. I haven’t seen any recent players and think that this spot is only used for decorative use, not critical. The purple lotuses that bloom here are also being blocked. 2022-12-29T05:00:00Z

Have you tried speaking to the culprits?

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Welcome to the forums. Unfortunately, the forums are not the place to send in TOS reports. You can fill out the report forms on Zendesk here:

Make sure to include screenshots of the offending structure as well as a screenshot of the location on the map to help with the investigation. Best of luck to you.

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