Degenerated Harpy damage

That is ridiculous, 3 projectile shots at 1300 armor 40Vitality, dead.
Came back naked, 1 projectile shot, dead

Gear lost


Thralls and bows are useful for this

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I posted about this also. They need a nerf bad. This is making getting into other vaults in my server harder as nobody wants to run this one, so there are 2 less vaults in the total pool.

The only thing stopping me from running harpies is I don’t like jumping puzzles. But the great thing is, you just need to win once and then check it off your list. Lots of vaults means you get a lot of choices for what you want to do the most of, when grinding for Eld.

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The other Harpy vault does not have the mobs with this attack. They have an acid spit attack that’s super easy to dodge.

Its the harpy near the violet lake? We done it in the past with a friend and no thralls. Maybe they buffed it in 2.3 , we will check it out.

So playing only with my friend we did the harpy vault by the violet lake today without any thralls. For a solo player i would agree it may be to tough. For 2 of us it was just right , it was challenging, imho all vaults should be like that. Or this one should be easier , aimed at single palyers, so when we play in 2 we can boost with sliders. We died once , but then finished the vault.


I believe you can use a shield to block these attacks. Use ranged weapons also helps, wearing heavy armor doesn’t mean you can facetank all the mobs. There should be a challenge to them.


this is how , a well designed game should be aiming to.

for single player lower the difficulty make it easy for those players. for online play, they need to encourage people to play together. thats one of the reasons people play online is it?

i would not dare to ask them to lower the difficulty on the contrary, , will ask them to make it challenging, and encourage people to play together


as they should, i am tired of people just aksing for nerf. instead of finding the solution which is in most cases, call for help encourage people to do stuff together!


You cannot dodge these ranged attacks. They turn while casting, I’ve seen them rotate as much as 180 degrees to follow someone trying to roll-dodge multiple times. Combined with them shooting like thirty feet… just ridiculous.


Was said on dev-stream that all vaults are now lvl60, its already many things have been nerfed in the game too much, you have many different ways to kill them being level 60 and even playing without thrall, starting from the 2 trees where u can freely climb up and shoot them with gas\snake arrows thanks to their new aggro range they will be just under you. and just going forward you can aggro on you a small groups of 2-3 harpies which is not a big deal to firstly kill the red one then the rest browny harpies. It must be something challinging in Island of Siptah.

Yes! Ah man, any reason to cooperate or play as a group in an online game is a win in my books.

I have only done the Harpy vault by the Violet Isle once, but it seemed like I could roll under the ranged attack if I timed it right. Maybe try that.


Did you do the roll pre 2.3 or pre 2.2 or pre stamina changes? If it’s any of those then try again now

The attack will eat up most if not all of your stamina if you are blocking with a shield.


There’s much more to it than that though Palm, the problem isn’t that they hit that hard, the problem is they aggro from extremely far away, that damage hits the same at any range, and they have zero cooldown on that attack, which also pushes you away, shield or not. So it CAN sometimes become nearly impossible to close the gap and stagger it with attacks. THAT is the real problem. Same with rocknoses, they lowered the cooldown between attacks with them, if you get caught up with 4 or more you’re going to be knocked on your ■■■ repeatedly til you die without a chance to get up, it’s dumb.


@DiabolicDropBear it was pre 2.3, haven’t been in since the update.