Demonic heads produce normal blood

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [America]

Just a minor issue, demonic heads in fluid press return regular blood instead of demonic.

Unless there’s a way to also convert regular blood into demonic blood I’m assuming this is just an oversight

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Kill a demonic creature (i.e. demonic shaleback)
  2. harvest until you receive a head
  3. place head in fluid press
  4. no demonic blood

You don’t get demon blood from demonic shaleback heads. It’s on the wiki they just don’t give demon blood for some reaosn. If you are in a need of it, if you know where “The Arena” is that is a great place to farm for it from the undead hyenas that congregate in that area.

Pretty sure the point in this bug report is the fact that demonic heads -should- give demon blood. (Duh)
“for some reaosn” the reason being the devs overlooked it.

I was just informing him that demonic heads don’t give demon blood (yes they should). That is isn’t a bug but either intentional or an oversight. And since he was farming for demon blood I gave him a great place to farm for it.

Is there a thread to report overights in?

I haven’t seen one. I’d say it is in the right category for what we have.

Exactly. This is the right place.