Denunciation of closing the obelisk

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good as all those who like to play the conan I believe that the game ant and the q the game we are in an official serve, where they are closing the obelisco q its a form of game of the game; this is a classic game, I believe you draw an appeal and a more close to an obelisk and an ante game; of same mode q to kill in the same way as the player is unable to defend himself because he is in the loading screen; you would like to know what steps can be taken when this kind of thing happens and an officer; Can you close the obelisk?

Disable fast travel :woozy_face: Now thats pod racing

Just walk everywhere

The problem with walking everywhere is you can’t walk more than a few steps without being agroed by some creatures. Either you fight and spend your travel fighting all the time, get boring quickly. Or you run away hopping the creatures stop chasing you before running out of stamina. Boring too.
At least by travelling through obelisks you can limit some of the unnecessary fighting.

Are you asking Funcom to remove the obelisks? Are you complaining about players blocking them? I can’t understand your post. :frowning:


More info.
If you are adking that funcom help in blocking of obbie, then there are a few trains of thought.

Most agree on PVP it is trolly, but should be taken care of by the other players using bombs.

For PVE servers, it is more difficult. There are threads with how to deal with obbie blocking on PVE servers, so search the forum.

For Private, it is the owners issue to decide. They pay, so they get all the say.

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