Derketo priest location + picture

As i was talking about that with “starbugpilo” in an other thread, i though it would be more appropriate to create a new topic in that regard.

Something that might be obvious for some players but not so obvious for others is that there are actually 2 “hidden bonfires” near the pagoda at the sout east of the swamp.
Let’s have a look at these 2 spots:

1st spot: before reaching the first archer at the entrance of the pagoda take the path up on your left, once you reach the top keep walking into the right side of this path untill you find a bonfire with 2 random crafting npcs (about 50 meters away from the first archer)

2nd spot: there different ways to reach the second bonfire, you can :

  1. jump down from the previous bonfire and keep walking in the direction of the derketo teacher
  2. when you are already at the “relaxing” area near the derketo teacher, take immediately right when you’re exiting this place and climb for about 1.5 meter untill you reach the next plateau. here is the 2nd bonfire where i think you can find an other derketo priest.

fianlly here is how a derketo priest looks, i found him at the first spot. Too bad for me it was a lvl 1 male

and according to other players like “starbugpilo” you can even find an archpriest here, which i think is correct considering how an archpriest is supposed to spawn in this game.

Note: When you are at the main place of the pagoda, you’ll notice an other bonfire (a 3rd one) which imo cannot spawn a derketo priest because the placeholder here is always the same: 1 cook + 1 armorer as opposed to the 2 other ones which are 100% random.

Hope this can help some players to figure out where this damm priest is to be found lol


Nice thread. I can confirm the archpriest. I found one priest and one archpriest at the same time (both males) first time I visited the place after 500 patch. Not another spawn since then. Luckily I tamed them both.

Off topic: Have you weather effects on your game?

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I agree, have found it to, and exactly at the place you described.

Same look, same priest ! And let’s mention by the way that the Derketo altar has now also a nice beam.

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The beam is the brightest of all different religions indeed, derketo looks so powerfull now :smiley:

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yes since last patch i believe, first time i have weather effects in SP since official release. I had the same issue on my private server too, so it might maybe be related to the server host, anyways it seems to be fixed :smiley: , for me at least.

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