Priest help needed!


need help where to fing yod and derketo named t4 priests

Yog at the summing place there is also a little camp behind the giant spider in desert little camp derketo is useless dont bother I dont know where that one is cause he is pointless.

the yog priest can be found ( in the summoning place , in front of the tower of the albinos bat , and in the black galeon )

for the derketo priest you will have to grind the pagoda of bounded lust , there are two campfires on the left of the derketo religion “teacher” , both have chances of spawning a derketo T4 priest ( not the one on the right though ) and you will need a fair amount of luck ( or time spent ) since it is one of the hardest T4 (that spawns naturaly on the map ) to obtain !!!

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