T4 Thrall Spawn Chance Far Too Low Following July 7th Patch

like I said in a previous post, the placeholder is not always a priest, it can be the armorer or the carpenter.
When in doubt, kill them all.

I think we were a bit lucky though. We got the archpriest in maybe 2-3 hours of killing every 15 minutes.

ok sthing around 10 runs then. Doesn’t sound that bad actually… thanks for the reply. wish me luck :smiley:

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good luck :slight_smile:
Actualy, another clan found another on the same day. So maybe the spawn rate is not so bad.

have a good one !

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I found arch priests at both bonfires you must climb to reach.

As for the rest, one dancer is always the same named male dancer. The other always seems to be a level 2.

On 2 occasions (maybe out of 20 sunspots patch) the carpenter near the Religiob teaching NPC has been a named carpenter too.

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just found one:D
i have just created a new topic because i thought it was not related to the title of this one here.
So thank you starbugpilo.
and thanks critter too for your indication about 2 bonfires you needed to climb to reach.

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If you mean the archers in Sepermeru, I finally got one yesterday Mandughai Hundred-arrow. Took forever to get it to spawn.

Still trying to get Arcen Brokenfingers… He’ll be my bane of existence.

Ps4 pro us servers I havent seen a t4 tannery in month at the black galleon

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Great point mango, I have had a very hard time as well, although in the volcano by the Oblisk there are 3 that always appear, a cook a alchemist, and a black smith.

Red Sonja

plus I think risa (slaver) and a tanner near well of skelos (not inside dungeon)…

Granted I’m a glutton for punishment – I mean I dig a challenge – I have worked a circuit from Fleshtearer Falls up through Dogs of Desert territory for the last week. This includes one marathon sesh with a dedicated server that could not be restarted, so we all felt like we were DUE! Anyway, the best I have is a T3 Dogs dancer and Thugra. Holy smokes is it stingy, and I love it.

How rare is Arcen Brokenfingers jesus xD I seriously got all the named possible in the area (Some even multiple times to spawn) but him.

Talking about Sepermeru.

It’s all random, I think… I got 3 Arcen Brokenfingers but not a single Hannur of Bossonia (Aquilonian guy)

I found them all at the 2 spots near Razma’s house

Drop rate for T3s & T4s is too low for my taste. It seems bugged since in some area’s like the volcano you can farm the same T4s over and over again as well as same name fighters in certain area’s. I’m glad some people are happy with grinding for hours on end with little or nothing to show for it, but I don’t.

Server issue’s, wipes, other bugs, etc., now this. Yeah … for the first time since launch I’m on the edge of putting this to the side for now.



Shala lust-slaker

I got Lissa at the pagoda a couple of days ago. Have never seen hundred arrows though.

Haven’t seen mei the blade or waros the breaker there since the patch.

i think you are not talking about the same lissa.
Both are named archers but 1 is spawning at the pagoda and the other one is spawning in set city and is more precisely called “lissa o the longbow” that’s why palm was talking about mandughai 100 arrows.

Or maybe i didn’t understand what palm was sayin, which can def happen :smiley:

I got both of them. They don’t spawn easily so you might spend a bunch of time camping them.

I got Hundred Arrows twice and Lissa o Longbow once.

Be sure to farm the correct archers (Wiki has direction) as I don’t think they can spawn instead of any other archers.

Yes, after hotfix and same spot.

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Also after spending a whole week camping relic city for Arcen Brokenfingers I finally got him! The ■■■■■ wouldn’t spawn anytime :frowning: Anyways… I found mine near the smelter and blacksmith thralls instead of the ones near razma’s house. So keep an eye out for all 3 armorers.