Dev Wipe Meta Official thread

You are correct. However you won’t see much support in the forums other than links to the tos. People only tend to care when it happens to them…


Agreed. Many of us have been pushing for a warning system. A Warning System?

I don’t personally know anyone who was suspended or perma’d for these exploits. I am unsure of which it is, what do you mean by punished less harshly? I would hope that it is a perma?

The Deserter’s Guttter is a titled point of interest (POI). If players cannot benefit from learning that knowledge because it is too overbuilt there is absolutely something that needs to be done to rectify the issue.

But a warning is best course, not shift clicking the entire base and then suspending the clan on reset.

In general too. Many people have left the game entirely because of suspensions and bans. So ya, lost potential revenue for sure.

I will not buy anything after what I have experienced and seen. My mind may change if their processes are adjusted. But for now, as someone who has been following this problem closely, I have a great lack of confidence.

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The irony of complaining about the Dev Wipe meta and having no population in the game as you and the people you play with build skybases that arent able to be traditionally raided by most of us newer players and through doing that has made many people quit officials or quit in general. That’s something.


If that is the case… then who is reporting the solo players on the official servers? :woman_shrugging:

Except they won’t. In no way possible will they lose access to anything they have purchased via being in violation to the ToS. Sure, they may not have access to the official servers, but they still have access to solo / co-op. They still have access to private servers. And in both cases they can assess anything they have purchased. So your statement is utterly false.

Seen that claim 1,000 times and yet from the first day of early access there were PvE servers and PvE-C was there as well. In fact, when PvE-C was removed at launch there was such an uproar from the player base the devs had to go and bring this server type back so no, that is completely unfounded. The game at the beginning of early access also had solo / co-opp as well as private server options as well so you cannot even claim that official servers were the end all be all destination they intended the game to be played on. They INTENDED Conan Exiles to be played however the heck you wanted to. Not for any one person to demand that everyone else play it the way THEY want to.

It is more about getting an unfair advantage in the easiest way possible over your opponent. Be it via undermeshing, bomb duping or now report spamming it doesn’t matter. There will always be people who will abuse anything and everything they can to gain everything they can over anyone else with the least bit of effort on their part possible.

DLC packs are extremely cheap. So I must assume you are referring to the items on the BLB. However, that isn’t the point I wanted to address. When they go into a violation report they are always going to ban the clan because they do not know how many of the members personally are responsible, are actively participating in it, or are ignorant of it. Thus, once a violation is found it’s a one and one approach. Just because Person X didn’t place that brick there doesn’t mean he didn’t help farm the materials for it KNOWING that it would be placed there and KNOWING that by placing it there it would be in violation of the ToS. There is no way to know that.


And many we purchased strictly for the cosmetic aspect of them which is why you see them all over PVE and RP servers. So how many of the “many” purchased them for what reason? And does it even matter why anyone purchased them? They still have 100% access to them in solo/offline mode as well as on private servers. So to claim that they do not have access to what they paid for is fallacious.

No, that was created when they made the BLB / Battlepass. Nothing else created that. :wink:

Just because you think something is silly does not make it so. That does not negate that there are MORE severe issues, but that also does not negate the issues you are referring to either.

Sadly I doubt they are hurting in their in-game store revenue. I mean, if their pricing along isn’t going to stop people from constantly dropping real cash on this stuff do you really think this will? :woman_shrugging:

I never assumed you were. :grin:

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What is “auto” supposed to mean in this context? If you mean that you will get banned as soon as someone reports you for land claim, without any investigation whatsoever, then that’s been proven false repeatedly and you should stop spreading disinformation.

If that’s not what you meant, maybe you should clarify.

This is entirely unrelated to admin wipes.

Buildings are owned by the clan, not by a player in the clan. There is no way for Funcom to ascertain who is the guilty person. If a building owned by a clan violates the rules, the clan broke the rules.

It’s definitely not anti-consumer. The monetization they implemented might be argued to be anti-consumer, but there’s nothing anti-consumer about providing you with a free service, setting the rules under which you’re permitted to use that free service, and then denying you access to that free service if you break those rules.

As for it being bad business, they’ll have to figure out that one on their own. Maybe they really are incompetent and don’t realize that this is bad for their business. Or maybe they can see the data and they’ve figured out that the recurring posts on a forum coming from a small slice of their playerbase doesn’t actually have any tangible impact on their bottom line.

[citation needed]

It’s funny how often we see this claim pop up without anything to back it. And when challenged, the reply is, at best, anecdata.

No, it’s not. The Hyborian Age is sword and sorcery. High fantasy is over yonder where the WoW and ESO people hang out.

On the contrary, people would really like to see Funcom do something – anything – that helps with this issue, so that once and for all these forums can go back to bickering about the game, rather than having to slog through this deja moo.


None of what you said there has anything to do with what I said, or indeed with the the discussion you started. Didn’t you say “no off-topic posts”?


Just stating the lack of expertise on the subject matter for context… You don’t play official servers. You don’t play PvP. You don’t even play on Xbox.

Here’s a off topic tangent for you. It’s silly to spend hours “farming” plant fiber in your farm. Your wasting time making the game harder for yourself Jimbo crew. The compost you should use for the good seeds. If you made a star metal sickle you can fill out your inventory in less than 10 minutes. There is a smarter way to do all that. The girl in your videos actually knows the game somewhat I suggest listening to her. :heart:

I left this thread two days ago and you can’t keep my name out of your mouth still. I would have thought you got the hint when I started ignoring your DMs. If you want to join my fan club, there’s easier ways than this.


If you ever read the forums…like ever… you would bloody well know that @CodeMage does indeed play on official servers.

If you think that this issue is exclusive to PvP then you are delusional because there are dozens of threads on this forum of people complaining about it on PvE-C server as well as on PvE servers. So… yeah it has nothing to do with PvP. Drop the garbage.

Oh I’m sorry, I was no aware that only people who play on inferior systems were being banned. OH RIGHT, because that’s complete idiocy. It’s an issue that spans ALL systems and is not limited to one.

Hey thanks for letting me know that you post is off topic. Perhaps I should flag it? (I won’t mind you. Just saying that’s not a smart thing to call out on these forums. :wink:)

No, you clearly don’t. You truly do not respect anything other than your “TOP G” mentality.

You got some too?


Well, now I can see why. It just crossed the line from same-old same-old into incoherent and not-all-there.


I didn’t realize we were unionized. @CodeMage where’s our uniform? I wasn’t informed of this.

And here I thought you stalked me enough to know my expertise was actually lore. I’m disappointed in you for not checking out my old megathread, I spent months on it.

Then why do you keep making it about me?

Inserting yourself into a discussion that you don’t belong while feigning expertise. I wouldn’t pretend to be a dentist and give teeth whitening advice. Dont pretend to know how admins enforce rules on servers you’ve never played on. Its embarrassing. Lol :grin:

Don’t pretend to know what servers I play on?

I also play on Xbox officials. You really didn’t do your background check very thoroughly, I guess

And as I pointed out previously.

You still cannot answer that question because you literally have ZERO information to provide such an answer. You are making a claim based upon an assumption. Sure, many people MAY have purchased these sets for that reason. But what if the numbers show that this is actually only 33% of the sales because the rest are from people who are using them strictly for cosmetic reasons? (numbers are hypothetical) You can still say that MANY purchased them for this reason, but it surely wouldn’t be the majority if that where the case.

Yet again, just because YOU think that such infractions are silly does not make them so. Your opinion of the ToS is utterly irrelevant. Clearly Funcom feels that it IS a big enough infraction to have caused them to change their ToS in the first place, and to start enforcing it far more strictly than ever before.

Show the numbers of the in-game store revenue having taken a hit from these actions to any appreciable effect and then we can discuss this claim. Until then it is just another wild accusation pulled out of the aether.

Again, provide actual evidence to support your claim or please stop with the copy / paste nonsense. Repeating a baseless accusation over and over does not give it any more credence than it originally had. It only makes the person who refuses to provide tangible evidence to support their case the look of desperation.

Yeah, I am pretty sure he also has no clue how many hours you have logged in as a beta tester for this game since what…pre-early access?

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Far from just me, ain’t it?

Few points…for clarification.

Define"small" infraction? As far as I know perma bans only happen if you majorly cheat, majorly are a jerk, or a repeat offender of the ToS ( IE blocking gutter after getting enforced on again and again and again)

What does pvp have to do with this, conversation at all? If you breach the rules, you breach the rules. Yeah I’m sorry but just because I can blow up the 20k fortress of doom that blocks sulfur springs doesn’t mean it’s worth my time remotely.

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What even is this thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine if PvP players ever stopped feeling so special and could take the time to mingle with us mere mortals… and discover the power of paragraphs
Just kidding.

Anyway, I might be able to offer some insight as to why your whole buildings are wiped.
I don’t think they’re being done via conventional means as in… not through some ghosting admin character levitating there and spamming shift delete on your stuff… in fact I don’t think admin mode has much to do with it… they might log in to look around if they’re really curious… idk…

But I would guess the deletion happens via external tools with a simple button-press in an application :man_shrugging:
And since buildings are a single object, every connected piece will go, while stability / decay will take care of the rest of the base contents on its own.

As for why the way things are…
We discussed it quite endlessly in a similar, but more PvE oriented topic just now
Maybe you could read some of the stuff in case you’re interested.
I’m not going to repeat all the stuff I typed in there, especially since people don’t like reading it :slight_smile:

I am going to point out though that there are thousands of official servers… hosting tens of thousands of players…
And there’s like 5 people managing every admin ticket… :man_shrugging:
That should give you an idea about how much time they can dedicate to each individual case.

  • Imo. they have a fairly strict internal criteria based on what to judge (which they can easily pull up from the database with a push of a button)
  • quickly assess if it falls into the general categories (probably even have some built in alerts in their software, like displaying a red notification if the base is touching a POI zone or blocking spawns etc.)
  • check out the associated pictures and stuff attached to the report (unless it’s some long video which they’ll probably skip and not bother or play at 5x speed :smiley: )
  • they go through their check list then press either the “wipe base” button… or the “send auto-reply” that they investigated it and found nothing.

I would also think that indeed the number of reports will actually influence this since they can justify doing that to themselves easier "more people wanted this gone… " as opposed to a lone report where they might spend more time investigating.

Still, their system actually works for the most part… because the majority they catch actually DID break the rules - they just simply don’t agree with the rules so they show up to complain - but unfortunately people do fall through the cracks and get wiped for seemingly no reason.

Anyway, that should get you thinking

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Hi @Bamisori

If you have any questions regarding your account, please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to help you out further.

Also please note that we state in our official server rules:
'We typically issue a 14-days temporary suspension as a way to warn and deter against repeating infractions. Any infractions beyond that will result in a longer suspension up to a permanent, non-appealable ban from official servers.

Hacking, exploits and other situations deemed as extreme will be met with a permanent ban on the first offense.’