Developers of the new MAP watch this video

I was looking for information about the approximate date of the launch of the new map, I’m really looking forward to it, and I ended up finding this brilliant video.


the video speaks among many things the most important, “LIFE” what cannot be missing in the new map is LIFE, the current map is very beautiful, the game is very beautiful, but it is totally dead, empty and lifeless, we all we feel running in the void, watch the video!

What we all certainly want is to be part of a functioning biome, even non-open world games, or “long-term service game” like “Horizon Zero Dawn” has a world in existence.

The sensation of Conan’s world is a school model with puppets glued to their positions, it is not surprising, there is no surprise, no discovery, absolutely NOTHING, I know in my head where each NPC is, and it is not the area he is in. the exact fixed point paradilho there just waiting for the player to arrive.

Nor does the world “work” apart from its existence, at no time are you surprised by a new situation, animals fighting, feeding, predators and prey … all this that would make the world really “new” to the home, you you don’t leave home and find something so interesting that it takes you out of focus of what you were going to do, even because you already know in your head everything that is going to happen, and where it is going, that is terrible.

I emphasize again the game is beautiful, the artists who make the animations of the NPC playable, and especially the horses were brilliant, I feel that you really needed this period to “mature” to get stronger, and to get here, and they arrived, this is incredible!

I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to “mature” the game, which will not only apply the same form in a different distribution than standing NPCs, without life, without relevance, without personality, and without any interaction with the world around you.

Whenever I come to speak I need to quote ARK, because I play, and 90% of Conan players have played or play ARK, much more than RUST, since all of Conan’s visual “art” is more similar to ARK so maybe we identify ourselves so much with the 2 games, it happens that ARK does all that I, and the video, we quote, EVERYDAY, there is no 1 day that I play ARK on the same map and that is the same, it is NEVER the same, it is always a new experience , and this is fantastic.

I love this game, Conan is amazing, even with all the limitations, defects, and especially the lack of NPCs, empty map … yet somehow I love this game and I love your work, but even I feel that you need to make a new “leap of growth” and certainly today what makes Conan less competitive compared to ARK is this, the lack of “life” work in a “life” system, populate the map, do not make births fixed, but births in areas, there are so many possibilities to be born so many NPCs of certain types in that area, we want to be surprised, go out to see the life of the game happening and now that you already have the base of the game all done, animations, physics. … it’s time for you to work on it.

This new map should be the 7th day of creation, the day when God created life and populated the world, and not one that pasted NPCs into their fixed positions.
Big hugs to everyone and I hope you contributed with a reflection.


"“Map is so small” gets the: You discovered option in the video xD

“We need more wildlife” Infront of him in the video 3 sabretooth, a wolf and a doe… lol

Useless video.

I played on official to lvl 45 before using map rooms, this was before you could lvl 0-60 in 2 days.

Map is huge without map rooms. You decide how to play the game.

And when I click my in game map it is crowded with stuff also in his video it was empty… I`m smelling admin mode usage, of course it gets smaller then…

Funny, the constant “you discovered” pop ups are something I would use illustrate how the map is too small. Points of interest are so close together that discovering something new doesn’t feel special. Each biome is so small, there isn’t time to appreciate one before you are in another.

The point I saw about the wildlife wasn’t that there should just be more but they should interact in a more realistic manner. A sabretooth wolf and a doe shouldn’t in close proximity by accident. I can walk through the savanna and see tigers and prey animals side by side and neither will do a thing until I get close and they both charge me.


I agree with you for the most part. Currently their is quite a bit of wildlife in the game, but the fixed spawn points make things very predictable. Additionally, it does feel like the npcs are waiting around for the player to come by so they can come alive. Sure you see the occasional tiger fighting a rhino, or fighters attacking spiders but generally if you see this once, you will see it every time in the same area. Some diversity in spawn location and interaction would I think add a nice element of discovery to the game. However, this would need to be balanced with the already extremely low rates of certain tier 4 thrall spawns. If their spawn locations are not fixed AND they spawn 1% of the time, yikes we’re in trouble.

I would also like to add, that I would love to see water creatures, and a limited form of water combat. There is nothing so lifeless as the rivers and even when you see a school of fish you cannot interact or do anything. Crocodiles can’t even chase you in the water. Now Ark goes a little overboard populating it’s waters in my opinion, but something in the middle could really add life to Conan.

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The issue of saying that the map is small I also disagree, but that is not the point, the question is the lack of “life” of a functioning biome, the map is large, that is undeniable and perhaps the boy from the video was wrong in that sense.

But that doesn’t take away the fact that the map really is extremely empty and lifeless, and of course the developers know that, and in 2016/2017 funcom lacked “resources / capacity / team” to make such a “life” system complex for Conan, after all there were other priorities and they make it brilliant, the physics of the game is incredible, the visual, all movement of the NPC playable, and now more recently the animation of the horse, brilliant, if not to mention the "mistake "the horse’s covimentation is done through the keyboard, it is laborious and difficult, and it shouldn’t be.

I also love the game but the model NPCs standing in a fixed place is a totally outdated technology, and now with the arrival of new consoles it will surely become absurd, people want to feel that they play in a living and natural biome, in existence, especially when we talk about the open world.

Today I find myself in greater comfort to “demand” these advances from funcom, we have evolved in 3 years and so have they and this is wonderful, what in 3 years I found incredible in 2017, today in 2020 not unreachable for fumcom in 2016 / 2017 today in 2020 is no longer too, and this is wonderful for both parties.

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Unreal engine can’t do miracles when used for a networked multiplayer game. Have you played fortnite and the cooperative fortnite save the world or whatever is called? How much life is in that game?

The Unreal engine is an incredible graphics engine, the question you mentioned is entirely a choice of the developer, since this game is a shooting game, not survival, in Fortinite there is no need to worry about realism and naturalness, on the contrary the game is all designed to be “fun” in the visual sense and not realistic.

The Unreal engine can do brilliant things, but unfortunately its comparison is not so “realistic” but I respect your point of view!

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ARK also uses the Unreal graphics engine

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This brilliant video shows the graphic power of unreal, even with Raytrace applied

it’s worth you take a look

I Think they did a great job on the interactions on lands, sandstorms, purges, animals that can be kitted into camps, so many different creatures. For an online game it does the job for me. However as pointed out, underwater gameplay in comparison feels really dull as mentionned already. enemies can’t chase you in water, no real dangers,


Sharks that becomes aggressive if you, or an enemy chasing you is bleeding.
Croc and shalebacks that can swim and hide in the river.
Hippos, eels, etc…

And maybe fishing and spear-fishing? even warframe added fishing ^^

sorry but this video is completely irrelevant in context of conan exiles. conan exiles is based on unreal engine 4.15.3 (from 2017) and this will not change, at least not for conan exiles 1. maybe for conan exiles 2

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Graphics has nothing to do with network and computing optimizations.

I just mastered the video to show the power of the Unreal4 “franchise”, for the guy who didn’t have information about the power of the graphics engine, and that ARK also uses Unreal4, since he didn’t know it.

As I already stressed, Conan has a beautiful graphic, and as someone stressed at the top, the natural elements, rain … physics … everything in the game is very good, as already repeated what is missing in the game is a " life “in operation, whether in terms of” reality / realism "or in terms of quantity, as everyone knows the map is extremely empty and does not apply ANY, absolutely none, danger after the first week of playing, perhaps after the 2nd day.

We are not coming here to criticize the game but to “warn” about what we feel needs to improve, and hope that they will improve on the next map, so as not to happen as with horses.

The horses were the right choice, they did exactly what we wanted, BUT the way that NO ONE WANTED, if they had “talked”, taken information they would not have expended efforts to program the horse as it was done, movements guided by the keyboard, which it is extremely laborious and tiring, and worse to make the horse a follower that eliminates your chance to level up your warrior, there were 2 additions of the game that fight directly, between needing to level up the warrior and the horse preventing you from leaving with the warrior to level up, it should be logical that this would not work, and we all saw it in the first minutes, agent, players could have alerted the developers in time, now because of that the horses are practically not used, when someone rides a horse you think, that bold choice to go out with the horse and not the slave, I would never do that, imagine how much easier it would be not to program the horse to “attack” or be a “follower” he could be be a horse an easy mode of locomotion to guide with mouser equal to the NPC, it was already all ready was only put, but finished choosing to hinder everything and create a hard way guide that only harms our use.

Another information that seems very simple and basic, but I don’t know if they are thinking about it, of course, all of us players are counting on the fact that we will “teleport” to the new map through the obelisks, going to the new map and coming back whenever we want , we have very clearly in our heads that we do not want to abandon our NPC, we do not want to abandon our slaves … but rather to expand our game, no one has “patience” more to start from 0 at this point, if the developers do not do this crossplay the map will be the same situation as the horse, they did what the agent wanted, but not as the agent wanted or expected.

as I always say they are not hateful words, they are thoughts of those who play the game and have a different view of who does it, or not and if it is not different the better view because we will be in total harmony.

When I teleport to the new map much more than “map size” what I will take into account is the living biome in operation, because the map is just a background for the adventure, but what interact with agents daily are the beings that populate these lands, or that do not populate as is the case today.

I really cant agree that the game world in Conan is lacking life. In the earlier days it was a bit static, but they’ve done multiple passes over it since and it’s really well fleshed out. In particular, the pass they did just when it released 1.0 was one of the most substantial. It took the random placement of mobs all over the world and put them in such a way that felt natural. They’ve continued to address this with things such as points of interest, thrall camps and thrall placement. The overhaul of Sepermeru was a good example of this.

I would like to see a roaming element added to the life around the map. Many do roam in their immediate areas, but when you intimately know the map, it’s pretty obvious that most things are static. Adding things like SOME animals who path around much larger areas, or specialty creatures/groups of thralls that path randomly would be an amazing addition to the game.

I see ARK mentioned and yes ARK does often feel more alive from a dinosaur placement point of view, but it’s not perfect either. It can suffer from there being TOO many creatures in one area, to almost too much dynamism. You regularly find dinos stuck behind rocks or off cliffs - in great numbers too, which is a definite drawback of the system.

All in all, i’m all for additional life but i dont think it’s bad as the OP indicates. I’d like to see dynamic creature spawns added as special spawns (kind of like the way corrupted creatures spawn - a small percentage for something big/interesting/different to spawn). Plus i’d love to see (and would kill for) dynamic events like the sandstorm but for other weather variants - anything from snowstorms to floods to meteoresque showers in the volcano. The more the merrier. Hell - how about a once in a million chance of star metal falling outside the north? The thought of those randomly very dangerous comets hitting other parts of the map sends the loins into a stirred state!

but you “disagreed” agreeing with everything I said lol

As for the issue of the ARK system being flawed, it is true, it is true that this system generates this kind of problems, BUT everyone knows it, it is something that we all see in a “natural” way we players have the intelligence to know that this can and will happen in a life system like ARK, well populated and with great freedom of movement, or in all other games, we know it and it is so ‘natural’ for us that it can happen that we don’t even think about it or ignore it, or we use that bug to our advantage.

But I’m glad that even with other words you agree exactly with me, hugs

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