Devs....PLEASE, just implement this and be done with it! It will fix the PvP/population issues! :(

I have been gone for years but heard about a “big announcement” and am now once again logging in and sifting thru the notes.

Why are you splintering the player-base with these “servers/events”??? New players log-in and think “dead game” and then they are gone for good. You have the BEST lore mmo of any game I have played in over a decade but the lackluster implementation of content or even wise decisions baffles me.

Take the Borderlands…MAKE THEM INTERESTING WITH REWARDS/24/7 FORT SIEGES, and capture points and contested resources…and be done with this!

Why continue making these “server events” that just splinter the community and leave the vast resources you ALREADY HAVE IN-GAME un-utilized???

Dark age of camelot had a giant pvp/pve area to log into…UO eventually had to do it…Elder Scrolls Online has it…Just make it happen so me and others come back and enjoy this game.

I dont know if there will ever be new “pve content/maps/dungeons”…I would love it…but even turning the Borderlands into a 24/7 hotspot would just add soooo much to this game for us.

My 2 cents.


I’d rather they used some of the existing zones and implement more pvp content in their. It is so fun fighting on the streets of the Nobles District, over clan mounds in the Field of the Dead, or through the Northern Grasslands of Khitai.

There is a great post about a suggested idea here:


I don’t know what the answer to fixing AoC in it’s current form is, but I agree at the very least with the poster that splitting an already tiny population hasn’t been Funcom’s smartest move. Any time I log on to AoC these days the game’s a ghost town. Perhaps the smart thing to do is to skip Saga Servers, and make it an event that you participate in on Crom with your current characters.