Did they just disable the BP progress on Admin mode?

Why tf would they do that?

I only buy BP for cosmetics, nothing more. All the previous BP challenges could be completed that way and no one cared. Now suddenly they decided to not only drastically limit the amount of challenges, take away the ability to reroll and made them reset weekly. And on top of that, no more completing challenges while in Admin mode.

And before someone tells me “I need to play the game”: I am playing the game, the way I want it.

My guess is the shareholders realized the MAU and engagement levels are too low and decided to… do what they did.

edit: and that Lasting Feast nerf from +45 carrying capacity to +0 carrying capacity was totally necessary, lol.


Challenge progress is roadblocked to the 3 ones per week. So, effectively, yes. Also, you get NO credit for any bosses or mobs that are admin spawned in.

I suspect that this is working as intended. I think that they didn’t like it that people were rushing their precious BattlePass challenge system. They’ve now hamstrung that, and have hard capped it.


I think you’re right about why they did it. Pity.

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Its technically “quicker” time wise but it has to be done over 4 weeks now instead of mass grind in a few hours one day.

While you cant adminspawn mobs, you can admin teleport/cloak/godmode and just kill the mobs in the world, it took me under 10 mins to finish this weeks challenges, combine with 9k from crafting by going creative mode spawning in a campaign armor bench,then admin spawning in mats to make 5k of the same item and you cap out in another few mins.

Looking at Aprox 10-15 mins a week over 4 weeks vs a few hours in a single day, overall faster time wise but has to be spread out.

Still dont know if the 9k xp from killing/crafting is a daily cap or weekly cap so could be faster is its daily.


It prevents xp gain when using slomo as well loll.

If only they announced these changes beforehand I wouldn’t spend my “BP coins” on this useless BP but selected something from the Bazaar instead.

They got rid of the only FREE way to skip progress on battlepass. Funnily enough you can still give them money to skip through even easier :man_shrugging::joy: I’m pretty sure getting paid by people who can’t wait till xmas to open their presents is the driving factor behind this change.

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