Died while offline. 1945

Online official

I was out at the Mounds of the Dead, I had some desert armor on but I also had 30 vitality. I had to log off for a bit so I ran to a nearby base that I had in the region and logged out of the game. I was full hunger, water and had 100% full shelter and was only cold.

I come back about 4 hours later and log back in and I have died. This is very frustating as how exactly did I die to what? What I am thinking is happening is when I logged off my character did not lie down and go into idle mode like he was supposed too but instead glitched into stayin standing up. I am very frustated as I had on me 3 legendaries and a full set of flawless aquilionian armor. Is there anyway I can talk to a admin and have a chance of getting those items spawned back in for me? Please reply back ASAP.

Please fix this. It is very frustating and makes me not even want to play your game if it takes so long to farm up these legendaries and armor just to die while I am offline to nothing.

Just to keep it short, the answer is: No

No support on offical server whatsoever.

The temperature bug is known by the way. Don’t log off with desert armor in cold areas. You would have survied being naked.

But even with 30 vit perk and being in 100% shelter?

Perks don’t work being logged off and what type of shelter was it?

It was made out aquilonian. But no, you know the little house icon you get when being inside, I had the full house icon.

Yes i know what you mean, i wanted to know why type of building material the shelter was made off.

Black-Ice warms you up
Reinforced Stone cools you down
The Khitan and Aquilonian do nothing as far as i know.
The Shelter buff only affects your food and water loss not your temperature.

So it was your flawless armor alone that was able to kill you. Flawless / Exceptional armor increases the temperature effect of armors.
You should remember that heat protection armor doesn’t really reduces the heat instead it just increases your cold and vice versa.

They still do that? I thought they chucked that after EA when people were dying in their bases in the desert to being frostbitten cause of how well and how powerful they worked. I was pretty certain that the temp powers of the bases got nerfed hard cause of that.

Shelter does in fact affect your temperature, however. Go test it if you don’t believe me. But when I go from extremely cold to cold from walking naked in my base made out of black ice in the north just by walking a few feet as there are certain areas that give full shelter and others that don’t cause the base is so big with no vit at all. Then I would say it certainly does.

If the perk system does not work when you are logged off then that is what would have killed me losing the 20 vit perk then. Otherwise I would have been just fine. They need to fix that. That is lame cause so what your character just stops being able to use passive perks like that when logged off? Dumb. It’s either that or the game glitched and my character did not log off but stayed in the visual glitch for idle and I starved. Either way.

Fix it.

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Interesting, i haven’t noticed a significant change in the temperature because of the shelter effect. Mostly thought it’s just the building material. Gonna test it with natural shelters like caves.

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