Directional based combat system Needed

Hello everyone,

I love all the expansions and the new stuff getting added to this game but the game is missing a better combat system.

The combat system that is in the game now is really a spam fest and not really based on much skill. The game also needs to fix some desync issues that makes it really opnocius when you are fighting another player.

However, i would like to suggest a “directional based combat system” that games like Last Oasis and Mount & Blade Bannerloard has. They use a system where you chose the direction you hit or block form. You use stamina and charge up attacks by holding your attack buttom to determine the strength of the attacks.

This system would improve the fighting experience in game by make it more skill based and also take away some of the issues of animation canceling in the current combat system.

Please make it so! It would make me buy the new expansions for sure :wink:

Jack Shepard
Void Eu
Last Oasis current main game.

I haven’t played those games. Could you explain a little more what you mean by directional combat?

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It would require rebuilding the entire combat system, including the AI.

Funnily, the “current system is not based on much skill” argument can trace its roots back to the Early Access days when people complained that dodging was too strong, and skilled players would be invincible. So they made dodging cost a percentage of your stamina, rather than a set amount, because less skilled players couldn’t beat skilled players with Grit builds.

Me, I kinda never agreed with that decision. I’m not really a very skilled player, but I do believe that people who train a lot and become good at something should be rewarded for their efforts.

On the other hand, I think people are too quick to say “this requires no skill” these days. It just requires a different type of skill than they might think. Sometimes it’s not measured by who swings their sword faster, but who came to the fight better prepared. Sometimes it means adapting to changes and new features faster than others. I remember, when mounts were first introduced, how people complained how useless they were and served only decorative/role-play purposes. Now they’re apparently “OP” in PvP, and naturally “need no skill to use”, at least as stated by those people who for one reason or another don’t use a horse themselves.

Dmmit, I miss the old dodge… It was great for solo pve.

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