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Been an avid player for years. Seen many updates come with various problems that eventually get addressed and fixed in later patches. But since the “Age of Sorcery” or dare I say ‘Age of Lag’ the game seems to get worse and worse with no indication given by the developer to correct misbehaving code. This last update has brought about a new dimension to the lag by introducing extremely poor frame rate as well (as experienced on official servers).

A couple of years ago, I switched the video performance mode to “performance” and it helped back then when ‘performance’ meant less ground vegetation (non-harvestable). But a few updates ago, the non-harvestable ground cover began to reappear. And the performance began getting fairly poor. Now it is down right retched.

So, how about making the ‘performance’ setting perform again. Also, how about some performance “options” like letting us choose the era of performance. I would be fine with 2018 era graphics just so the game could once again run flawlessly in single player (because barbaric difficultly rocks).

PS; This is my first post, Yes… I am that pissed off about the game that I made an account just to vent. Love to build and there are two DLC’s I would love to own. Have the funds too, but simply cannot justify spending the coin on such poor performance.

PPS: Forum says I cannot post this with the feedback tag???

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re PPS: there are feedback forums. That’s fine if you want something more general.

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i started a thread stating Funcom needs to take a chapter off and get all these bugs that have been introed by the 3 chapters of the age of sorcery, fixed. And it was told it would be detrimental to the company to take time off making content. I’ve come to the conclusion that for some people new content is more important then that new content actually working.

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