Ditch the building hammer

All of you guys complaining that you need to always carry both hammers.
You know you don’t actually have to carry when you have no plans on building and with checking the decays. It’s always been like that on console. We’ve lived with it since release lol.

Besides each of these hammers are so cheap to make. You can just make them on the go.

I feel like this arguing point is kinda invalid. And I’m seeing the same comment over and over again.

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Yup whiners gonna whine, and exploiters gonna whine because they can no longer exploit the building system.

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My thoughts exactly. All I keep thinking Is, these people come across as the type of guys who build themselves in, when they’re being raided or log off :joy:

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I already explained that there are situations where I wasn’t planning to build anything. That’s what I meant by “ad-hoc and temporary”. :man_shrugging:

Yes, I know, but we did have the Tab key on PC. And now we don’t.

Sure, I could. I already said I could. It’s even more hassle than carrying both, though. It goes like this:

  • Aw, damn, I need the repair hammer.
  • Look for a tree.
  • Ugh, it’s over there. Let’s ride to it.
  • Chop down the tree.
  • Look for a bush.
  • Crap, there’s one way over there.
  • Ride over to the bush and get some fiber.
  • Make twine.
  • Make the hammer.
  • Cuss.

(The last step is optional, but it helps some people relieve their frustration)

Crafting the hammer is yak shaving, and that’s not really my way of having fun with this game.

So yeah, I carry two hammers now. And I’m saying that it would be nice to merge them into one. Guess who’s making such a huge deal out of it? It ain’t me, or the people who are pointing that out, it’s people who call us names:

Speaking of which:

Look, I know it’s a novel concept, but words actually have meanings. If you put as much effort into picking the right word as you put into calling people names across the forums, you would be freaking Shakespeare.


Without looking at the code (as I am limited in my downloads for now which have kept me from the devkit) I will make a firm declaration that this has to do with how the weapon system is mapped. Any post-3.0 builds require the “key” for building to be present (construction hammer), and can be traced back to the individual key press made by the user. Without getting into the mechanical snooping that is now available, we basically have a log of all building actions.

This makes sense, it’s just unsettling.

Similarly, the Repair Hammer will be explained away no doubt that it is a concession to PvP, requiring big bad raiders to at least construct some stuff before they snoop your package. Gates don’t work on trolls, and the removal of the Tab key is thus a penalty to average users.

Both of these, in any explanation, show we’re moving in the wrong direction.


Yeah, all true… But I can’t really blame him either. Some of the arguments, suggestions and “ideas” in this forum are just completely braindead. I would say a rather large percentage of them too… And those types usually refuse to yield to logic or fact based reason. So, jumping in for a one-shot passive-aggressive truth-to-ignorance remark can be enticing. :slight_smile:

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It would be nice if they merged the hammer types but beyond that, I like the building system. I don’t fully understand why they added the hammer in the first place but I always assumed it had something to do with switching out of building mode and into combat or some other non-building mode. It might be something as simple as preventing a player from animation canceling by toggling quickly into and then out of building mode.

I also don’t like strawberries. I you going to fault me for that opinion, too?

We don’t like the build hammer the the requirement to carry a repair hammer. You, apparently, are okay with it.

Opinions don’t make folks better people.

Which is the real reason they made the hammer.

No reason they could just make it so deconstructing something does that anyway. They had to set it to give less material back. Can probably easily set it to give the actual value back.

I just Don’t like the hammer. I find it clunky and annoying.

It’s not a requirement. That’s the problem. The hammer is to repair your structure not anything else. I have no issue not having a repair hammer in my. Inventory and seeing who owns a structure.

I get it, the changes are not onerous for you.

They are for me.

And that’s okay. We are allowed to have different preferences.

I am sire FC made sure this is not exploitable :wink:

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