DLC armor sets objectively better than standard

I have been a defender of this game’s DLC on multiple occasions, and to an extent, I still am. It is definitely not pay to win. However, I just found out that I can no longer honestly say that DLC armor sets have stats equivalent to standard sets.

All epic flawless standard armor provides either 5 cold resistance or 4 heat resistance per piece. Silent Legion provides 5 heat resistance per piece. All DLC epic flawless sets provide 6 cold resistance or 6 heat resistance per piece, making them superior to any non-DLC armor with the sole exception of the legendary Legacy of the Nordheimers with its 15 cold resistance in a single helmet.

This difference isn’t massive and it won’t stop me from playing this game, recommending it to others, or spending time working on the wiki. What it will cause is, when people who are considering getting this game ask whether the DLC are cosmetic-only or give a player an advantage, I will have to answer truthfully.

:hot_face: :cold_face:

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