Why dlc is better than 90% of the non dlc gears

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My opinion from another thread:

And tbh no I don’t trust you… they have the same armor value and the same stat bonus… But some other stats. dlc is great early because you don’t need a specific named armorer and the medium vit is nice to have, but it’s not better…
Depending on your build, Khari could be better. same with some parts Aisir and that pirate armor you make with black silk (mostly because they have +2 on bracers). These are not hard to get. Zobek is easy to get. Helm/gauntlets of the brute are also pretty easy to get.
What dlc armor (for yourself) do you really need?
(and who really cares about high temp resist, you don’t need it in 98% of the map)
The only really special dlc armor is the cold heavy enc, that can be nice to have for raiding. But it’s not like you can’t raid in the cold without it.


You need a named armorer no matter what… not having to get a specific armorer makes flawless dlc armor easier to get, but not better.


I have 2 dlc’s (one for hot and one for cold) for the same reasons, but after a week on a server I don’t use them 90% of the time.

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The DLC armors are no more pay 2 win than someone paying for a faster internet connection, or larger TV, pr better PC. They are advantages, but do not break the game for the other side, and not once have I seen a war on PVP where the other clan throws the white flag up if they don’t have DLC armor, and the raiders do. For PVE, as i have stated, and am currently testing on a live PVE official, you don’t need any flawless or epic armors. I am doing just fine with basic gear, and hardened steel weapons/tools. When i hit Level 60, i will take the 5 skeleton keys i already have, RNG some legendaries, then ehhhh…nothing left to do. And I still haven’t left Set City area. So DLC being needed is a hard no. Being nice to have, well, so is a 60" 4K TV and top of the line wireless internet. And i have neither.


Yeah, when levelling I often just use a pair of cloth pants and whatever armor I find. And I’ve completed Warmakers dungeon in a set of half broken normal kambujan shaman, with a thrall in Cimmerian armor looted from Mounds (3 parts heavy, 2 parts medium). You don’t need to minmax for any pve.

for pvp I mostly prefer epic flawless (dlc or not), because you don’t really care about losing it, but if I’m minmaxing, it’s special craftables and loot drops.

2 dlc (for hot and cold) is nice to have and since I got CE for free on PS4, I really didn’t mind spending those €20, but it’s not needed.

This time you nailed it, bravo dude, really nice post.
Ps, i surely prefer the same things, because i don’t have them too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s only a big advantage in the beginning on a new server… If you’re persistent and have some good routes, it doesn’t take that long to get a variety of armorers. Or just go get other recipes that cant be flawless and drops.

And I don’t get why people keep talking about temperature… It hardly matters on most of the map.


Well if they buff armor to match the, ever so slight, perceived gain from DLC armors, then I should get legendary weapon skins with my DLC’s. Because all the DLC weapons are crap compared to anything you can get in game without buying them. I demand something equal for my money. Oh, and i need black ice versions of DLC. not fair i have to grind s…t ton of stone when black ice is the optimum building mat.

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I dont PVP… so stats mean nothing to me.

I basically gave Funcom money for good building and clothing designs I liked. >_>


everything you wrote is senseless. I don’t see how they can credit this.

dlc weapon dont require perks to make :wink: only mats

Yeah, but i paid for useless stuff. Never a reason to use them. so if we are being fair, lets be fair across the board right? They should have skins for the legendairies. cosmetic. I still have to get the legendary, just have to apply it. Like the pets and the totem.


funcom shoudl have added alot of things but they chose bugs and broken game mechanics xD
eventually something good will come out, if they dont break it 2 weeks later

U wanted to pay… And u knew it had useless stuff in it… Huge huge difference… Besides , i cannot understand what is the problem by buffing the rest to match the dlcs… U will get the upgrade also (for no charge) AND nothing will be taken away from u… As for the useless stuff in a dlc , it will not be changed from what u paid for!!! And u can get the better gear that is FREE for all to obtain… So why u feel offended?


You need any t4 armorer for DLC.

you need a very specific T4 armorer for each non dlc armor.

That makes a huge difference.


you need more reasons for it to be a bad thing? Wtf

I am not offended. But if we equality with DLC’s, then they should be equla. Otherwise it is a personal opinion (which is my point) that Armors are OP compared to normal armors. IT is easy to state what one feels, but if you take the logic and apply it to something very similar, does it hold up. I argue that the armors are not needed, and thus really a cosmetic option, while the OP suggests they are the only option. So if i buy a DLC, i should get the option to use the weapons, but because they are not equal to any legendary you can get, and even lower than dragon bone, they need to be made to match as well.

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I tend to spend more than a week on a server… After a week I will have a selection of T4 armorers and will be working on more special armors.

Up to half of that week will be spend leveling and tbh I don’t care about good armor when leveling… So essentially dlc armors will be a big advantage like 3 days out of probably at least a month, maybe many more on a server… That’s really not a big deal for me.

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I was following your thread of logic.