DLC vs non dlc hand made armor

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i already covered this aspect of the game a while ago, Edit by Melcom doesn’t like that people get offended by their lack of homework making skills

the optimal pve aspect of the game is fairly simple
also to reach a second 40 in another stat would required 170 points that arent there to go from 31 to 40 a second time

the reason is simple.

  • dlc offers 2 temp resist and +9 on a single stats and doesn’t require a specific crafter to be made or purge named crafter and from memory you dont need a specific perk or crafter to repair them. open to correction if im wrong on the repair part

By using:

  • EF khitan armor medium and EF pictish heavy armor with a named crafter( for DLC; beri or another crappy named crafter can do the job) you get a straight +9 bonus to strenght, and 10 bar in cold or heat resist.


  • EF acquilonian medium , and hope FC releases the cold DLC version of vitality medium… you get the same bonus as mentionned above.

Also the reason i dont use max stats is simple, before someone tryes to be a smart ■■■ , is: it’s not worth it. and you never go under 50% unless you’re totally unlucky or the server decides to go apeshit on latency and fps
max encumbrance is nice by at the end of the day your bag has a slot limitation. and even BB tools can harvest at best 23 000 rocks before needing a repair. a good bearer can carry around 23k rock + weapon and shield.

i will wait for a few players on my server to get online later this aftrenoon//evening. and check with them for a non DLC armor set EF ,crafted with oisan, of the same type and post the results

You are better off with mixing armor sets, for +4/+5 (gives you a few extra points) and you can add pots/fish buffs and warpaint… (also there’s other armors with higher stats)

When your spec aren’t optimal it’s kinda hard to take your leetness serious.

also there is that medium vit cold armor… it’s not dlc.

And there is both light, medium and heavy non dlc str armors…

Your choice aren’t better than non dlc.

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those stats are optimal like it or not.
i never go under 50% hp.and use pred blade master fitting, vdagger for bleed venom, and akbithan mist or solsteim.
i always carry soup, tea and arrows. like every good player in the game.

if you were a good player you would know this by now :wink: have fun.

No they are not. Insults doesn’t change facts.

I would go 40 str/vit too, but you only need 30 and 32 to reach it with flawless armors (+9)

32 +5 from armor, +3 from fish buff
30 +4 from armor, +3 fish buff, +3 warpaint

gives a bunch of points you can use on another stat.

What weapons or food you carry has nothing to do with the subject.

And you still haven’t explained how the dlc armors are better, when you can get str and vit non dlc armors.

Also if you’re fine with heavy str armor, you could get it to +12 from armor.


you just enforced my point :wink: you rely on various buff to reach that.
i dont with this build

using buffs makes your build better… :see_no_evil: :upside_down_face:

And you can make your build without dlc armor.

And you can make your build better by mixing armor sets for +4/+5 (gives you extra points)

and you can make your build better by going +12 str…

All this is points you don’t address…

yet you still claim your build is optimal and can only be made with dlc armor…

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@melcom what did you edit exaclty?

removed some of your insults :stuck_out_tongue:

show me your stats ? i wanna see you all buffed up

There are a lot better builds than what you used in your screenshot, especially if you are okay with carrying a few other pieces of armor. For instance, instead of pumping points into survival, just carry zabweth shield, black blood tool and mask of witch doctor. The three pieces put you at 20 survival. As far as pve content goes and the whole thing about encumberment is the fact that most farmers carry repair kits and oils of bounty on them so they don’t have to go back to base constantly, making t5 encumberment very much worth it, especially if you are pulling a thrall. As for your build goes, either go the +13 strength(without buffs) or if you don’t want to run expensive armor, mix either cimmerian heavy with Pictish/hyborean slaver or if you want medium, mix aquilonian or cimmerian medium with lso refrain from insulting others just because they might have an idea as to how to make your build better and are trying to help you make it better.

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Not my normal build. Just a suggestion with no special armors (that page doesn’t have a lot of the newer armors). And I normally use fish buffs instead of pots, so I only used the pots that give the same buffs.

seriously?!?!?! why do yo think i posted an ingame screenshot xD


your own build, but with mixed armor… 4 extra points

  • grit 30 gives 1% dmg reduction. this wont save you from anything since 1% dmg reduction is totally irrelevant considering how much armor you have in the game
  • grit 20 only works when you’re out of combat, not climbing or not swimming. and it doesn’t make alot of difference in the overall stam recovery process. you will save 1 second at best of waiting on full stam recovery. alot of wasted point right there
  • survival 12 gives you raw food but you should have made survival 7.wasted points again
  • accuracy 1 is totally useless wasted point there
  • agility 7 + your buffs would have been better. more wasted points there

are you sure you know what you’re doing?

I’m not at home and my clan don’t play at the moment. I can post some old screenshots later if you really want.

But it doesn’t change the fact that my 2 suggestions don’t use dlc armor and have higher stats than your build

again. im not buffed always keep that detail in mind. being hard as nail unbuffed > being hard as nail with every buffs

There are still a lot better builds you can run without buffs…

grit is not really for the perks, it’s for the stamina.

I know I could roll with 7 agi, but I like to have the perk without being buffed.

acc is the only place I could use the last point.

survival is just a dump stat. (like acc). I didn’t have enough point to get to another perk in a more useful stat and since the spec builder doesn’t have all the armors I didn’t care to really minmax the build. it was already better than your build anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

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again like i said: post your in game build but if you’re only good to talk its your call :slight_smile:


agi 10 reduced cost on sprint is really apparent in game
grit 10 really shows when climbing, teamed with climbing gear you can climb nearly anything in the game
enc 10 allows for a few more swings, or nealry hundreds of swings if you know what you’re doing ;).

and yes there are way better build but sadly, heavy armor being broken as hell and taking too much weight even if redux is applyed is a total turn off.