DLC update today?

I wasn’t able to watch all of the video for the Tiny Home contest. Was there any updates on when the next DLC will be out?

September timeframe; no details, yet.

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They described that the next one will be Blood and Sand, changing the implied release order.

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Thanks, I missed that bit. Laggy 4g connection since I’m at work…

Do you have a source where they described that the next one will be B&S? I looked at VOD of the stream and saw nothing about it and I tried to find the info but nothing…Also page on S2 page doesn’t have B&S first

Yeah, I didn’t find the info either…

Did they rename the Riders of Hyboria? That made me think we would get mountables, which would take this game up to another level!

It’s towards the back half of the stream. I didn’t bother writing up a summary so I don’t have a time stamp. It could have just been a verbal mix up. We’ll see I guess. Stream with what’s coming in September will be next week or week after that, ish (according to Thursdays stream).

https://youtu.be/K6l7bH4-RcE at 1:01:40 for declaration that B&S is next. I was surprised.


Fun tip of the day for linking. Scrub the timeline until you reach the time that you want and pause. Then right click the video and select “Copy Video URL at Current Time.” Then paste. Then when people go to click on it, they end up at the time you indicated. Like this.


That’s what we got so far.

See also:

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