Do I have to update to play conan exiles?

I am a newbie. I wanna play this game, but I see many edition. So, do I have to buy a standard , newest or completed edition. In addtion, I just wanna play a basic of this game.

By update I assume you are talking about the DLCs? You dont have to purchase any DLC, you can just purchase the main game on steam. Just select

the standard edition.

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Anyway all the updates that are / will be mandatory to play the base game will be “free” - meaning you don’t have the choice to download them and Steam will do this for you, but you won’t have to buy anything for that.

Cosmetic DLCs and Xpac Siptah DLC are all optional !

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Actually, you do have to download everything whether you want the dlc’s or not. You will not be able to use those dlc items unless you pay for them, or unless you got the dlc items from someone who bought the the dlc. I’m sure that clears everything up :0.

See also: Downloadable Content on the wiki.

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