Do Leyshrines just suck?

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So i used to heavily do pvp on the original map and took a long break on the game and now am trying siptah out (pve) and we are pretty far in. We researched and used a leyshrine and it just seems kinda crap we did a level 3 spawn which i know only gives up to level3 thrall (few exceptions) but it just seemed overly difficult for almost nothing in return not to mention the eldrium cost if you want to knock anything out and the long grind for getting the ???.
So is it just me that thinks its just not good or worth it?
Is there a super easy strat to doing them and knocking stuff out without it being a pain or super expensive?

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Don’t use the eldarium…

Bring a thrall to each of the three triangle areas and command them to “stop following” there. Build a thrall processing plant near to the leyshine you use most. I dunno how he has his thralls set nor what weapons he gives them. My guess would either be “Guard Me” with a truncheon or “Attack No One” with a strong lethal weapon. or some combo thereof. Probably the later.

However he has it set it’s extremely rare that those spawned in the surge will attack his thralls. And if I get too close they all come running after me.

I haven’t done a lot of ??? farming but my friends are able to run the leyshrine about 4 times in 6 or 8 hours. They get so many named thralls that they give me the ones they don’t want. One guy wants all girl :girl: archers comprising his entire army for example. Everyday that I log on to that server the fist chat I see “Hey Tess, how’s going, come get your thralls…” He usually gives 6 to 10 named thralls and 2 or 3 more if you count the priests I reject. He’s also giving thralls to others too so I assume the total giveaways is more.

So, yeah, certainly seems “worth it” to me.


I assume he’s getting the ??? materials from the Spawning Pools at J-4/5. Some statues spawn lots of ads that give lots of ??? when killed.

Clever pulling also works. You can pull part of the spawn group with a bow and/or reset others.

The main problem is the mix of NPCs that can be stunned and un-stunnable mini bosses. One has to find a strategy to deal with that, as your thrall(s) will be useless against the mini bosses with a truncheon, and kill collectable T4 with a lethal weapon.
Separating groups works best for me. But it should also be possible to command your thrall to attack T4 with a truncheon while you kite around the rest.

But not if you have them set to “Attack Nothing” and then just order them to attack one of the skull-beings you pull out to their location. They won’t attack anything else that way… Only what you tell them to.

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Yes, that’s very helpful.

Yeah, so, like in my first post, you can do either… Have them use a Truncheon and order them to attack only wanted thralls or use them to kill the Skull-beings.

If additionally you have one at each pad they heal to 100% between rounds. Just drop the one that’s currently following at the pad you just completed, and pick up the one at the next pad using “Follow” and “Stop Following”.

As far as ??? farming, I suggest farming the blood moon beast boss in fractured citadel.

If you have the triple harvest sigil you will get 300 ??? per kill (sometimes 400) harvesting with a sickle.

Just make a log off shack outside citadel. Kill the boss log off, watch tv or clean house or whatever, log on ,kill again. Respawns every 15min.

I often grab 2000 ??? per trip

In general, messing with leishrines makes sense only for the sake of the strongest northerners.
On the southwestern dark island there are places where accursed fighters t4 spawn. You need to take four of these thralls and level them up to maximum health.
Then you need to give them clubs and put them somewhere not far from the leishrine, and arrange the surge of the northern aesirs yourself and lure them to you from each triangle and lead them to the clubs. Himself to kill those who are not needed. It makes sense to take only artisans t4, dancers and aesir-berserkers.

So my last PvE playthrough on Siptah I had a leyshrine near my base. I’d put 5 thralls on each platform on guard area and have one following me with a lethal weapon. They don’t have to be good thralls or even leveled. Throw some free armor on them and if they die just replace them with stuff you get during the surge. Before I’d start the surge I’d go around and give each one a hundred gruel and a truncheon and take their weapon. I’d clear each platform one at a time and had a wheel setup nearby that I’d just load the ones I wanted into. For things that were immune to knockout I’d isolate and kill them. Before I left I’d grab my truncheons and replace them with normal weapons. Most of my ??? came from statue farming but I’d also trade thralls I didn’t need/want for ??? also. It’s a great way to get thralls, though it is a little annoying. I tried to use the knockout thing and the other miscellaneous activatable things the first time or two but they are mostly a waste imo. This was a while ago and I don’t know what might have changed since then.

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Welcome to the community. Leyshrines are short of an event in this map. Depending the location that you use, you will have different race spawn and ofcurce the number of ??? defines the tier spawn. Farming all of them, in each tier, you will be able to see every single race of the game has and will have. So in this aspect Leyshrines are very nice. Farming???, is a b… c but this is it. What I don’t like in leyshrines is that they cannot be for private farming and that sucks.

get sigil of the gremlin on u , equip a sicle and set a trap on storm also… a few foundations, a dozen of thralls around and u can farm the essences the easy way… also pools with specific stattuetes is a great source for essences… i prefer storm though… more fun

Call me old-fashioned but I prefer to hunt for my thralls and club them to near death right in their home…not this Yog’s thrall smorgasbord delivery service…bah. Kids these days with their conveniences.


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