Do you get banned for reporting behind the Ghost Wall?

Hallo my fellow exiles!

There is a suspicion that we have a very pesky clan that even bragged about owning an arena champion as a thrall - yes, I know how to do that, since Dark Cat’s video on YouTube I think pretty much everyone knows that at the moment - and probably also have a skybase.
I haven’t had any problems myself, but many others on the server seem to suffer from this somewhat toxic clan. They also keep renaming themselves and giving their own clan the name of other clans, mostly just a very small, almost invisible one special token/symbol/letter added. (I’m slowly starting to document everything with screenshots.)

It seems they don’t have a visible base anywhere except small bunkers with teleportary stones over the whole map, so I would like to take a trip over the Ghost Wall next weekend to see if they have a base there so that I can document it for Zendesk and then hopefully they will be banned from the server and the other players can have their peace again. My only concern is that Zendesk might punish or bann me myself for taking a trip over the Ghost Wall. So here’s my question: Do I face adverse consequences as a result?

I can’t damage or even destroy their base because we’re playing on a PvE Conflict server - that’s the reason I need to report. :sweat_smile: On server #1040 to be exact.

:pray: I wish all of us a very nice weekend, ask at the same time for a binding answer from the administrative side, and thank you in advance! :pray:

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Personally I would not try and do it. You don’t want to get banned trying to report someone else seems that happens all too often. Gather the information you can and make a Zendesk report just not worth you getting hit with the hammer to get rid of a trouble maker. They will probably laugh when they see you banned would not respond to their chat. Few months ago on a Playstation official server got brought into server chat a group of people inferring their primary characters had been banned and listed who they were going after that clan was soon gone. Not worth the risk. Good luck Exile :+1: @Beharion


I believe you will. If you are going to file a report on Zendesk, do it with all the normal player base data you can gather. It doesn’t worth it m8. If they are toxic as you said, they will probably gather many tickets to their name and Admins eventually will arrive to investigate.
But i woulld like to have a small chat about some other things that may get you in trouble nonetheless.

Arena champion thrall. If you know the way, create a private post to a community admin here to guide you how to report correctly about this wrong mechanism.
Walking out of the green wall. Do exactly as the above.
Skybases are a thing i believe they are working long time now like undermase.
If any player knows how to do all the above is dangerous for official servers and even his-her knowledge how to do them maybe will get him banned.
There for i don’t watch videos on YouTube that will probably get me in trouble. I prefer…

Ignorance is bliss!

I am pretty sure @Beharion that you don’t need any of the above to play and enjoy, so report them and forget their existence!


Since going beyond the green wall requires some kind of clich, wouldnt recommed doing it eventhough it would be for good cause.


Nah, you’re right! I’m going to stay clean now and we’re going to make sure we don’t break any rules ourselves - instead we’re all going to gang up if we can and kick their butts off this coming weekend. (Hope they’re reading along, “my darlings”.) :grimacing:


That is the safer decision, especially since you came to the forums. You’ll be blasted by many before congratulated by a few for wanting to find actual exploiters.

Keep it clean and win in the end. Outlast them.


Warmaker dungeon is extremely popular on my server, like it released yesterday.

This is a PvE server.

Considering the love and attention expressed in naming these thralls, I find it strange that they get so mercilessly sent to their deaths.

It’s a clan of cheaters that come from a PvP server, to a PvE one just to show us they pay 100 euro a month for cheats and exploits. ANd they use cyrilic alphabet, so I have no idea what they are planning next. Better just uninstall this game and stop wasting time.

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As I’ve said many, many times - it’s not a game problem, it’s a people problem. That can be easily fixed by playing Single-Player if you like the game but are bothered by people.

(The problem is, on my Single-Player game, 100 % of players are selfish jerks who think they own the whole map.)


Hi @Beharion

Please feel free to report this to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to investigate further.