Does anyone have any experience with FunCom/ZenDesk support?

Good luck it will probably take months to get anything done. I have one ticket turned in a month ago, still waiting. I had tickets over 3 months old and then just like that there solved with nothing being done. I do have a tip for you, put in the title urgent matter and it speeds thing up a little.
Also I believe you can transfer your character back to the server you started with.

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I have tried that as well. Nothing works. If I log in normally I dont even get the option to download my character, but if I press “Continue” instead of “Launch” in the launcher, it automatically connects me to the last server I have been on where I do get the download button, but it just says “Cannot Import Character”. Something about conflicting PvP settings. Both servers are Official PvE servers and I have done transfers between these 2 servers before with no issue, both ways.

I hope they wont take months to sort this out, should be a simple fix since they are well aware of the problem.

You may have hit the cooldown. There is a time period between transfers.

From what I read in this forum (and I read a lot - like, almost everything), I would not get your hopes up. I’m not saying this to bag on Zendesk, but rather to prepare you for zero satisfactory results. From what I read, chances of you getting answered at all (beyond a form letter) are low and chances of you getting your stuff back are astronomically low - that is if the issue doesn’t just fix itself magically.

It’s worth noting that people are a lot more likely to complain about bad experiences than they are to praise good experiences. I’m sure Funcom has successfully solved many reported problems, but few people whose issue was successfully solved come to the forums to say “Yay, it worked”. It’s mostly those people with less successful experiences that tend to tell about it publicly (and often loudly).

I don’t actually have any data on their response times or success rates. All I’m saying is that the forums shouldn’t be taken as data about them, either.

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Yeah, I totally agree. I just figured with 5 days having already passed, he might want to lower his expectations in order to avoid some disappointment. :slight_smile:

Hi @Oxymoron

We are sorry to hear you are having trouble transferring your character but please make sure you reach out to the team over on Zendesk.
Make sure you look at this link before creating a Zendesk report.

Hope this helps and please feel free to get back to us if you are still having trouble with this.

@Taemien if that was the case I would not have been able to upload my character at all and it would simply tell me there is a cooldown. Also the cooldown is 24H on official PvP servers and its now been 6 days. Also as stated several times before, it is bugged out and the menu will pop up if I open my game a certain way, then complaing about PvP Server settings issues, despite both being official PvE servers and transfers has worked in the past. (Even have 2 others on same server transfering back and worth at least once a week)

@TeleTesselator I think youre right. All my tickets are instantly marked “Solved” and I get an auto reply sent to my email. Very impersonal and frustrating.

@Dana as stated in my original post I have made a ticket several days ago. Thats through your ZenDesk website, I have recieved a confirmation email with 0 information and my tickets are instantly marked as “Solved”.

I dont see how your link is in any way relevant to what Im having issues with. I would love to get back to you as I am still having issues, but where is the forum for it? Your ticket system (ZenDesk) instantly marks things as “Solved” so my case is no longer active and I get a generic email with 0 useful information.

U might try to transfer to any other server and re group. Don`t know if u tried lots of other servers so just suggesting.

Ive tried the original server I came from, Ive tried the new one I intended to go to. Ive tried a 3rd random PvE server, 4th random PvP server, all official servers. Most of the time I dont even get the “Import character” option

If ur on a pve server u can only transfer to another pve server.U can not transfer to a official pvp or pve c.Did u know this.

Sounds like it is just time to create a new character to play the game with. The transfer system has had major issues since they started allowing it and it sounds as if your character is gone.

I know it sucks to lose everything but I think it might be time to just start over on the server you actually want to play on, your timeline of events is rather confusing.

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Yeah, hehe, just like every other game company with more than a few 100k customers. At least that’s always been my experience in the past decade or so. I have to go way way back prior to the existence of Steam - back to when boxed software was the only distribution method and everything came with printed manuals, before I can share a different experience. :smiley: In recent years it’s always been Form Letters & F’Off - if there’s not an automated path to the solution you’re SOL and extremely rare are the exceptions.

Can’t say I really blame them either. Can you imagine as a company trying to address 100 to 500 requests per day from kids who accidently lost their bag of rocks and “desperately needs emergency assistance!!!” :smile_cat:

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Both are official PvE servers, and I have moved between these exact servers before with no problem, both ways. I am aware of all the limitations the transfer system brings. Also Im trying to move TO an official PvE server and you can move from PvP and PvE-C servers TO PvE servers as long as they are all official.

@NavyLily01 The whole point of me doing these transfers is I have 2 accounts and I use 1 of them to move Siptah items to EL and EL items to Siptah.

I dont know what about the timeline confuses you. I bought the game on my 2nd account last weekend, transfered it from EL to Siptah saturday (Made it on EL to give it gear to start out with), tried to move it back from Siptah to EL on tuesday, bugged out. Made a ticket on wednesday.

@TeleTesselator I dont think thats any excuse at all. Could you imagine a company not implementing or keeping features in their game that arent bugged and are resetting players? Imagine that. If they had fixed their system, or removed it untill it worked, I would not have made my ticket.

Im guessing you are not referring to me, but just to clarify. I did not “lose my bag of rocks”, their feature deleted it for whatever reason and I think thats a huge difference.

True… But I wasn’t offering excuses - which should have been clear from my word choice. :wink:

Yeah, of course not. I was referring to the appropriate amount of sympathy due the “IT” and customer service workers on any given day. Along with the costs all that imposes on a company. Like I said, I don’t blame them for trying to depersonalize the experience by automating as much as possible through forms and the typical auto-response mechanisms. Some of us will naturally get caught in the cracks but as my Buddhist priest often says: Sh*t happens!

@Oxymoron, from your opening statement it sounded as if you were a new player of only a little over a week and you were doing transfer on that one account, now I see that there is a very vague comment about ‘2 others’ in a later comment and then your comment to me. It was a lack of information that caused confusion and I am a curious person.

But seriously thanks for clearing that up. It sounds as if your character was lost, seems the more transfers a person makes the bigger chance of this happening, and they do not restore such things. Have fun and stay safe.

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I honestly dont mind automated responses, if its done in a way where I can still keep track of progress. But when you get an automated confirmation, no follow up, no information and your issue is instantly marked as “Solved”, what am I supposed to make of it other than they have no intentions of sorting anything out?

@NavyLily01 All good. The reason why I didnt mention anything about this being a secondary account is I dont see the relevance and figured Id be better off not mixing account history of 2 accounts into the issue of just 1. To avoid confusion.

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Seems like a reasonable supposition to me. No intentions to or can’t…

Dont count it in days, more like weeks. Ive resent pictures they requested 4 and 5 times. The old system worked better.

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