Does Lianeele still exist?

Does this Entertainer actually exist still?

I know RNG will be RNG, but for two days straight I have been sitting at the top right spot on B11 where the three people spawn looking off the mound, and have not seen her spawn even once.

I feel as though I am being tormented by a greater power, as often on that 100% Entertainer spawn is some lanky dude with that hideous hairstyle with long hair on the sides and bald on top. I sometimes get hopeful when I see a lady spawn and think “is it her!?” only to see some T1 trash.


I got her accidentally a few weeks back in the area. RNG indeed.


Got her roughly an hour or so after you posted. I think she might be the longest T4 I’ve farmed for yet by beating Njoror Battleborn by a good 6 or so hours of camping.

Now I’m off to drag Imiu into my ranks. I can only hope that she isn’t as obscure as Lianelle…

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I have had zero luck finding her. Months now, no joy.

I got a fresh Imiu of Derketo to replace my legacy Imiu just a couple of weeks ago, and shortly before that a Lianeele.

Lianeele is unique among T4 female dancers in one respect: she doesn’t have a minimum-sized chest. (All male T4 dancers have minimum-sized, erm, body parts too.) I think she accidentally got a T4 female fighter’s standard measurements. (As far as I’ve discovered, all female T4 fighters have the same well-rounded upper body shape, whereas archers can have either the dancer version or the fighter version.)

Apologies for digressing, but I didn’t know whether this was related to your quest.


Thanks for the info; but no, the breast size is of no concern to me haha.

Where’d you get your Imiu? I’m currently raiding the Black Galleon and Voyager’s Vigil for her, as it also allows me several chances of getting Kathibria (Bearer) whilst doing so.

Now you’re just showing off.

Kidding, of course, just have not been lucky finding Imui. Then again, it took me over a month to find a replacement copy of Senk.

Yep. Gotta show off when you got stuff to show off.

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Try getting the volcano female dancer :wink:

Syra Brennerhet is her name.

Only got her 1 time. All others >2 or even more often.

Typically, she seems to spawn at the Mounds of the Dead:

If you are standing at the entrance to the Mounds of the Dead camp, facing south (behind you is the path leading up to learn the Ymir religion), she typically is found most often on the right side, standing on the short cliff overlooking a pathway with another thrall nearby. There’s also a wood chest in the hollowed out dead tree behind her (you have to chop down the tree to open the chest).

She is game, but hard to find. Kathibria Featherstep is even harder to find. We have 3 laineeles, one out and two tucked away. Since the big thrall nerf, we have not seen Featherstep at all.

From all the bearers I have, I have Kathibira the most. But only 1 Eina the light.

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