Does "Sorry for the inconvenience" make anything better?

The thrall you waited hours to spawn, then hours of waiting for the wheel to break them, hours and hours of leveling that thrall. The thrall drops through the mesh or teleports outside of the map, or wanders into lava.

Your thrall is dead due to bugs. Your time and efforts; now wasted. All the gear your thrall carried is gone with it.

Do not lament, do not feel anger, nor sorrow or regret. For FC will make everything better by apologizing and calling your experience an inconvenience. To me this would be like the firemen at your home watching it burn cause they cant get the trucks to pump, then one of them says sorry for the inconvenience, like its just a momentary slight setback. Really makes you feel better as your home burns. Thats alot!

The apologies will have to due, you will get nothing replaced, ever. Not even by the company that causes your losses, at least they took several seconds to copy and paste a really sincere template response.

What have the FC bugs taken from you? List it so FC can see just how “inconvenient” it is to play with all these active bugs that seem to only be fixed for short terms, then return even worse.


No, the phrase itself is trite and useless, and being fed it can feel “worse than nothing”. It’s akin to “thanks for your patience/understanding” which one may very well not feel inclined to give.

Equating it to your home burning down, though, shows an - at best - staggering lack of sense of proportion. Enough to completely invalidate any point you may have had.

Being invested in a game is a fine thing, but while this is probably just going to trigger you, the naked truth is that it’s just a game™, and nothing that happens in it really matters.


It Triggers me all the time… in moment anyway.

But ya, Base response is just that… base response. They could type more personal messages… butthen you might not get one, and then feel left out.

So Basic Response for Everyone! 2020!

Thou, as Console user… I’m not fan of PC updates that sorta fix stuff, will adjust it in in coming week stuff. Cause on console… its gonna take them months.
I just wish quality insurance testing part was done so much better.

I’ve lost my base several times thru updates, lost my save, lost items, thralls… I’ve never really reported 95% of it.
Its a game… I can restart or replace it. (it sucks…100%)
Or maybe I’ve been gaming so long. (Since Atari) from having no saves, to having high score go poof when power is turned off, to batteries dieing in a cart. To Memory card failures…
To HD crashes… or power going out during auto save. XD

Maybe I’m just use to it.


That’s how I think about it too. It’s all virtual - no actual tangible loss. I tell myself: get over it! And I do. I’d drive myself mad if I didn’t. And the game companies… they often have MILLIONS of users, what the heck do you want them to do about it? I’m amazed they say anything at all. Every once in awhile I see someone recompensed and I’m amazed - if not a bit jealous. :slight_smile: “Sorry for the inconvenience” or “We’re sorry you have lost progress” is the most I’ve ever seen or heard. I liken it to an aircraft carrier; if you fall overboard the ship doesn’t stop for your sorry arse - it can’t, and you’re very lucky if you’re ever found at all. Sure, we all /want/ them to stop for that pour soul but… :confounded:


I too rocked my 2600. I too have left a NES running for 4 days while i worked my way through dungeons in search of Gannon and the lost Princess due to my cart batt being a dud. I too have sat infront of Contra all day only to bite it at the end level. I too have had my sister giggle as she pulled a cart out of my Sega, so exposed! I too have woken my neighbors with a curse word timed a second after a blackout. Thats all random in origin.

I too have lost many thing in CE. Thats caused by bugs.

Say no to bugs! Hugs, not Bugs!

You are correct, millions of users. But an extremely high number of them are falling overboard, some get back on deck and give up then jump back over…

Maybe install a railing, and stop greasing the deck…fix the problem.

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They do but the grease oozes from shipmen’s shoes tracked from the engine room and the railing rusts out every couple of months. :slight_smile:

That said, I’ve been playing Conan for maybe 3k hours and not lost a single thing of any significance I couldn’t either replace in seconds or get back with very little effort. [knock on wood]

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Please, I get the urgency but we’re not talking about a house fire. We’re talking about a promised and advertised software device, included in various forms within the overall application. This feature may have influenced the user’s buying decision, therefore there is expectation of value and standards. In other words, the Thrall devices are not functioning as advertised or as intended.

This would be like my paying $499 a year for an Adobe Premiere membership because I wish to use a very special rather awesome feature. This one thing will save me days’ worth of production time, and it pushes me over the edge, and I buy! No more Final Cut.

Come to find out this feature derps out from time to time, wiping all dependent assets and causing me to have to go back and start over with my video project? What do I do? And how long does it take to accrete a critical mass of userbase to raise enough Adobe interest to actually fix their issue?

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I would say its more like the hotel offering a free continental breakfast, and they’re out of orange juice.

The Official Servers have never been advertised as having full or even partial customer support.


I am speaking about the overall game product. But you’re certainly right, if we’re talking Official Servers.

To me, Official Servers stand as a rest-stop totem of “How Funcom Intends You To Play.” As in, vanilla. Thus there should be no expectations of sprinkles, a pretty wrapper to keep your hands clean, or even assistance when there’s a bug in your ice cream.


I speak more of the response to the scenario. Its of no comfort, provides nothing and does nothing to stop or prevent loss…its useless.

It’s just polite manners. It shows they are aware it happened, that it’s not as intended, and they’ll address the issue when they are able. I know bupkis about making video games. But just looking at everything Conan Exiles contains, I have to believe that fixing anything can cause other issues. So I’d assume it’d take a lot of time to figure out how to fix a problem without messing up twenty other things.


It is indeed. But it is also often all that the individual typing it has available to them.

By way of example - I have spent the past 4 months+ trying to resolve a badly mis-built PC that I received - I’m down £2000, every time it has been returned to them for fixing they have managed to make it worse, and they are currently messing me about over the issue of a refund (don’t worry for me, I have so much documented, they don’t stand a chance if they really want to push it). The only point of contact I have is the same tech-support guy that’s helped me with almost every issue - and practically every email from him starts with ‘I do apologise’/‘My sincere apologies’ whatever. It’s meaningless, and honestly does nothing to make me feel better. But it’s also all he can write - he has no authority to issue the refund, and he hears no more about the progress than I do. He’s writing it to be polite and to acknowledge that I’m being affected. And so, for that reason, I appreciate it, even though it is useless and a little frustrating.

Essentially, my argument is the same here. The community team do not necessarily have the answers wanted, or the right to give them if they did know. Their role is contact and directing people to the right channels (be it zendesk, bug reports etc). So yeah, the answer sucks, but it’s also better acknowledgement than the alternative, which is to hear nothing at all. It does no good, it doesn’t even really make anyone feel better - but it is often going to be the only way that a community team member can respond - offering condolence because there really is nothing else for them to say other than that they’ve passed the report on to the relevant team, which alone would be even colder.


I do apologise for your aggravation, and I do so with knowledge of several good friends via Steam who also have a rebuilt, handbuilt or custom PC (the English way, not meant pejoratively) and occasionally go through these gyrations.

It is pretty much what I’ve done since I was 18, so if you need to rebuild this darlin’ from scratch, please let me know. I would start with a complete clone of your working system, if you have one. If it’s a restart from scratch, more the better. In my opinion, the brickset they had on offer was either out of date or woefully sideways of your machine’s actual specs, settings and attributes.

The difference is I do in fact feel sorry for the state of modern computing. And as your forum friend, you know it’s genuine.


Thank you for the sympathy, but like I said, it’s really not going to go unresolved, they’re just dragging their feet at this point or they’d have tried presenting some sort of argument by now. When the time comes, I may take you up on the building advice - once I finally get the refund sorted out, I’ll probably leave it for a bit (it’s all made me appreciate this old machine the more :wink: ), but I figure I’ll build it myself rather than risking another pre-built, so advice will surely come in handy :slight_smile:



They updated lava awhile ago and doesn’t kill thralls anymore. I get that it’s frustrating to loose stuff when you have no control over it.

But what’s the other options? We have one already, find a private server with admins who will replace lost items. This might take some looking, because some admins won’t do it for fear it will be abused by players claiming things they lost legitimately were lost to bugs.

The other option is FC hires a bunch of
server administrators. I think this sounds great, but I don’t believe it’s financially viable.

Even if FC can afford it, convincing the people in charge of the budget to spend money on things like maintenance is much harder than getting them to give you money for DLC or other money making areas.

I understand what you’re asking for, I agree that it would be ideal to have items replaced. I just don’t think it’s something that will ever happen

I guess I’ve been lucky, I haven’t lost anything to bugs outside of single player, where I did lose a few thralls and horses to bugs.

I’ve died because I got stuck on terrain and other things like it, but have always managed to get my kit back so all I lost was the time it took me to run naked to my dead body


Going by my experience with Adobe, the answer is “much longer than you’d think”.

Granted, I’ve mostly had issues/questions with fringe issues/poweruser things, like scripting custom pipelines for their softwares (Premiere in particular), but still. Getting answers, let alone fixes, has always been happening at a rather tortoise-like pace.


I’ve managed application development for applications nearly as popular as Premiere I won’t say what, but the priorities go to the “most important” customers. So, for example. if a customer has a very strong community presence like Industrial Light And Magic or something, or, maintain 200+ seats (licenses) - something like that, then their problems and bug reports get 1st priority. When you’re Adobe, those customer concerns are about all you can address. If your problems, wants, wishes, and bugs, happen to correspond with those priorities then you’re a happy camper and are riding the wave. But if you’re off trying to script something odd when the general industry (the priority customers) have developed a different workflow solution (ie. isn’t a problem for them and/or not related to some other dependent convention), then you’re lucky if it’s ever addressed.


Yep. I am aware of (and accept why) this is so. All companies (my employer included) rate and sort their incoming requests by severity and value according to the number of clients (and the relative weight of said clients, in a B2B environment). It’s not the only metric - but it’s definitely an important one.

Doesn’t change that working on something fringe-ish (but still ostensibly support) and experiencing issues/questions can have your fixes or answers delayed for a long time (or indefinetely) and Adobe is one of the companies where I experienced this happening.

It’s not really a complaint though - being “on the edge” is bound to have you flailing in the dark a lot, I’m fine with that. I was never good at sticking 100% to tried and tested methods anyway :smiley:

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What if it was Bob and Doug Mckenzie saying “Sorry”? Id feel way better about things if it was them telling me sorry