Dragons, why kill them?

Today i would like to talk about dragons in CE. From personal experience and some wiki digging, i’ve noticed that there are several dragons through the world, and the unique Red mother.

Aside from the Red mother, all other dragons are ‘‘generic’’, providing bones, blood and glands but nothing ‘‘unique’’.

As a matter of fact, the red mother, which drops unique endgame loot, has less hp than these other generic dragons! Their only ‘‘uniqueness’’ is their heads as trophies, and some won’t even provide heads.

One can say that the bones and horns are a good reason to kill them, but there are smaller dragons that also drop bones! Unnamed city is filled with them, there is no need for a tough fight in exchange of bones.

That said, i ask you, aside from headhunting, what is the point of killing any of the other dragons?

They should have unique drops too, IMO.


Maybe for people who REALLY hate dragons. Some if they were a little less static actually could block certain access points and resources, so would be worth killing if they were smarter.


Why does a mountaineer climb a mountain? Because it’s there.


Yeah i feel like they should hold some sort of progression. Maybe killing dragons would earn you a recipe, similar to how you ‘‘trade’’ recipes with the archivist. Different dragons = different recipies.

Herbal tea could be one of those for green dragons. One of the best healing consumables is unlocked by simply visiting a tent, kinda anticlimatic.

Some of those big dragons should drop fragments of power or something, but I dunno that they’re COMPLETELY pointless. When I live in the north, those ice dragons are a crucial (and local) source of easy haunch/demon blood/horns. Now that serpent man weapons have been nerfed, dragonbone is the latest and greatest in endgame mass-produced weaponry, and tiny dragons only give 1 horn per kill so farming larger ones is necessary for making lots of weapons.

So, demon blood, haunch, horns and bones for repairing the weapons, honestly not a bad loot table as is. Would be neat for there to be an easter egg or something, though. I’m very tired of all the new stuff being added that requires a grind, I dont want to have to go grind different dragons for some new meta drop, I’d rather it be some neat item I can grab for fun on a rainy day.

Maybe a rubber chicken one handed sword or a darfari mask that can have each part of it fully dyed, something out of place. Recipes for a dragon helmet with no stat buffs but extra cold resist with a little smoky effect coming from the mouth - just something fun to get, on the same tier as the severed leg weapon.


i used drag0ns to level from level 10 to level 40

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Lol, and tomato soup for the red Dragon?

To answer your question, I just kill them for the thrill. I don’t have much excitement left in the game, I’m done collecting legendaries, but somehow I like the way these dragons fight compared to other bosses. Plus bringing new players to unnamed city for a hunt is always a fun thing to do :slight_smile:

There pretty much another source of items, don’t really need anything special. Thou big ones that don’t drop anything… effort for no reward. Lesson learned, and you leave them be. XD

I kinda miss when they were all over, and not pushed out of the way to odd spots.

Yes these dragons used to roam the land and catch you unprepared to the north and west of unnamed city. That was way more exciting!
In general all creatures should be made to patrol a bit (a bit randomly if possible), but that’s another topic…

You lean how to point by watching some ghosts and reading a piece of paper…

The green one and the genetic red one at the wall of UC definitely need some love. Add a chest with a skeleton key or fragements or something useful besides standard loot. I mostly skip them. I guess pvp servers are the only ones killing them for the cheap food.


I see nothing wrong learning stuff by reading a piece of paper… have been doing it my whole life!
Seriously though I agree these dragons should be either guarding something or maybe be found in more random locations (would be so cool to see them attacking npc camps!)

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They don’t call me the dragon-hater for nothing. I kill because I must, it’s in my blood; I just love killing

It is part of content what didn’t get reworked. Way back when the Nameless City was a level 40 area the red dragon guarded the obelisk.

The green dragon always has been guarding an entrance what never became a dungeon. I guess the green dragon got forgotten when the undead bosses got added. Now it’s a silly unrewarding relic, still guarding nothing.

The undead dragon now got insane issues with damage scaling. I guess the development team must have forgotten about its existance many patches ago.

The ice dragons I don’t know about. The one Top Left always has had pathing issues and is totally unrewarding. Maybe it just was put there to test the model. The one Top Right has gotten Ice Dragon Babies since, but the loot table did not get reworked. It even doesn’t drop an old-fashioned boss key. I’m clueless.


I have a constant stream of caffeine in my blood… and vinegar.


Dragons are bosses, aren’t they? For me, every three skull unit is a boss, and should be treated as such.

for instance, even 3 skull pirates drop one unique weapon, even though he is somewhat weak and its not even a guaranteed stawn (shares it with another t4 pirate fighter, holds one scourgestone shard).

If this little **** has uniqueness, why woudn’t dragons?

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Agree completely. There are many beasties in the game that nobody has any motivation to hunt/kill because they give no reward. Those dragons are, IMO, top of the list.

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Yeah not even keys! Godamn keys!

Most world bosses are easier than dragons and they give you one legendary, yet you kill a blue dragon and get the same loot as a baby, just with a tad bit more materials.


I dunno.

I was thinking bone was good for arrows.

But what if…Dragons had a chance to drop…wait for it…

Dragon Powder!!!



I’d like to see the dragons roam around the map - at least in large patrols around the areas you find them. Hell, I’d like to see patrols of many things around the map rather than static spawns that follow you a very short distance.