Dreaming Shroud feels unimpactful

I understand this skill is probably much harder to balance after the new changes have taken place, but dreaming shroud used to be a difficult heal check, and now that healing is back, it feels like it should still test the healer’s ability to burst heal/use cool downs effectively (if that is still what the skill is intended to do, which is what it always felt like before).

We had our healer die on E17 Ankh 2 right before Klein used his skill, and I was able to easily survive dreaming shroud with tank cool downs. Between my cool downs, and the fact that dreaming shroud can be glanced, I took only about 24k hp damage, less than half of my total. I will admit that as a tank it feels nice to be able to help the healer with a cool down because I am paying attention to the animations, but I shouldn’t be able to survive it all by myself.



During the closed beta, there was no way you’d survive the shroud without the healer. What you’re describing was a change made at the last moment: glancing. If i had to interpolate what happens - you’ve used Kneecapper prior to the Shroud (or just gut super lucky with glances). The results fell into my expectations - not surprised.

Means it might be worth it to buff it up a bit. I sadly havent got to test it myself since the last patch.

Good feedback =)

Unfortunately, this is not really that easy, the damage will become too big for non-glance tanks.

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E17 being roughly 70k hp just on the 30% buff (which at worst is a 15s duration and pretty likely to last the whole thing), I’d think anyone with defense glyphs will be mitigating enough (24k of 100% glance is only 80k total damage). Pain Suppression or a Tank Elite definitely will trim off more than 10k damage, Twist Fate looks like the only mitigation that’s useless to cast in advance.

Ok, I see.

The damage seemed really good before glances. I think glances have been added so that shotgun tanks don’t have this much trouble, but i guess it kind of backfired.

Invoke Self also got a significant boost to the Extradimensional Defenders’ maximum health since we last tested Dreaming Shroud, so as to make it a viable cooldown for the E17 New York raid. Each Defender would get a minimum of 21,293 health and mitigate 80% of each tick of damage. Equipping Displacement gives you an additional Defender and Long Term Chaos would increase each Defender’s health to 31,940.

Shotgun tanks do seem to be easier to heal. I found the Dreaming Shroud to be just the right amount of challenge when healing a chaos tank. Chaos tanks also have moments where it’s difficult to keep up with their health. I’m a primary blood healer.

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I felt that way as a Chaos tank at first, but once I got the hang of casting the chaos signature skill off cooldown, it didn’t seem as bad. I think part of it too is the Aegis of Parallelism makes it feel like you’re struggling to keep up when there’s no obvious reason for the spike in incoming damage.

But I do agree with Studmonger. From where I was standing (as a DPS, admittedly) the incoming damage from Dreaming Shroud seemed like a joke in the build we were given to test.

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