Drop loincloth?Anybody know?

where does loincloth drop? I was told that loincloth can be painted, can anyone explain this item to me?

As far as I know, the only way to get a loincloth is to break a bearer thrall who is wearing one, then place them and steal it.

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Hmmmmmmm what have you been doing in your spare time I :thought_balloon::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: if you in single players you could just spawn in so there plenty of loincloth for all without others not havin any​:smirk:

It is just underwears, nothing else. They have no armor. So if you want your character to wear underwear I will strongly suggest you the golden bikini of Derketo dlc. It is classy, sexy as hell and it gives crazy amounts of agility.
My Bella in times that full nudity was bugged in consoles was wearing all the time this bikini outfit :wink:.


A pre-owned loincloth worn by someone who has been hauling baskets of rocks across the scorching desert. Hmmm :thinking:


I would repair it…in fire.


I feel that the title of this classic captures it perfectly.

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I think all men are hauling baskets with at least one rock each I would hope :crazy_face:

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