Dune cobra khitai

Hi all, this noob just returned to Aoc after 7 years, new acc and char, trying to reach lvl 80 unconquered,
exploring Khitai, im lvl 77 now, attacking a Dune Cobra, after the fight i have a heart attack i see some de buff of this monster a potent cobra venom or poison at 10 stacks ?, with a poison that will kill me after 5 minutes,
can i still fix this ?? can a ressurection potion save my unconquered status ??

*Panics mildly *

This buff happens if you let the little cobra venom DoT stack up to x10, it’s required for a quest at the Hyrkanian Raiders faction where you need to get poisoned with that debuff and then go back to the shaman.
I am unsure if there is a way to remove this in any other way and I don’t know if you can get the quest before being level 80.

I doubt you can get to the point to accept this quest in just 5 minutes though, so you will most likely die.
And no, resurrection potions do not save the unconquered status.

omg ok…

aint it lame that the quest mechanic is active while im unaware of it, for new exploreres in Khitai, after spending time and money in a char to get to 80 unconq… im sad ill prolly quit

That is something that might warrant a petition. I guess there is a chance they would remove the buff, it it would be classified as an unintended side-effect / bug. Doesn’t hurt to try if it isn’t too late. You can petition from a different character to get the conversation started.

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abit risky to explore khitai mate, you sure you werent doing some group bussiness outside of pinpin cough cough. Anyway hope you get it sorted, I would also do a petition from another char and hope someone answer quickly, another wierd sollution to try if you find nothing else is to go duel arena in khemi where you clear buff/debuffs when you go in and out of the fighting zone.

I would try changing zone to see if the debuff disappears.
It’s is intended that it kills the character if not saved by the Hyrkanian shaman, not a bug in my opinion.

Kind of with Cappa here - but it is active if you do not have the quest, too, or the other way around, it is a feature of snakes which happens to get used in a quest. I always found it really annoying that it is a death sentence if you are not lucky enough to have the quest with you at that moment.
Beside the group buisness outside Pinpin there are valid reasons to be in Khitai pre 80, as you would enter any other playfield while leveling a bit under the appr. level.

Khitai is a very hard below level 80 due to the high evade chance of the mobs. Going there unconquered is asking for troubles. Unconquered is a game mode where you need to be very careful and play safe at all times.

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thanks for all the replys, i was grinding mobs solo till lvl 77 and i tought id try some one mob pull farm in khitai, cos i never explored there before i tought it would be okey, i didnt know of this snake quests mechanic, and pin pin group business? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would try changing feats in town, this reloads your character maybe also removes buffs (didn’t check)

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