Dungeons are not a challenge

If you want to cheese things so hard, don’t complain when they seem easy. There are dozens of other thralls that you could collect from areas closer to a nice building site. (Pick a nice site, build there and use local thralls for a while). Or go straight for cheese and mass levels. But don’t then complain about cheesing and mass leveling. shrug


If a dungeon can be skipped over, what’s the point of having it?

So far we’ve been told to not use thalls, not use over star metal, not use certain tactics, not use archery, not use buffs, not use advanced armor, not use optimal builds.

Basically, don’t progress your character as normal, just gimp yourself to find a challenge. I’m not going to take these arguments seriously.

Some Boss fights in Conan Exiles remind me of Remnant: From the Ashes, where in a boss fight you have to time your attacks and positioning.
Rotted Hulk from Wine Cellar dungeon is one such fight, and it feels really good to kill that boss on your own, without a thrall. I just wish Funcom would rework all the tank’n’spank bosses that are in the game right now and add things like phases, hardcore mode and more boss abilities with interesting mechanics.
It is true that most bosses in Conan Exiles are tank’n’spank and the option to bring a thrall to the fight just makes it worse. Feels like wasted potential.
I also think we need more character build customization.

Well, you sort of got your wish. Healing is going to be heavily nerfed in an upcoming patch.
Healing from food is being removed. No more Soothing buff. Potions and wraps will have an interruptible animation.

So on one hand, dungeons are going to be more of a challenge.
On the other hand, you’re going to be depending on your thralls more than ever.

They were never a challenge.- no matter what people say. These are not real dungeons where team work is needed never were.

Just gotta work on getting those balanced closer to what they were before they had 4-5 digit hp. I don’t believe Dalansia needs to go back to 750hp, but putting her to 15,000hp was a bit too far. I think 2500hp tops for tier 4 thralls across the board is a good starter point. Still need to get them to remove their MDM/RDM stats also.

Yes instead of the devs looking to the whining masses for input they should’ve just logged onto the servers regularly and seen for themselves how the community was actually enjoying their creation. But nope, read forums instead, someone doesn’t like something so kill it

They do play on the servers. Mostly modded RP servers though.

Once your thrall’s health is high enough it can’t be killed in a few blows, then all you’re really doing is telling people they need to carry more healing arrows. In short, reducing a thrall’s total health only serves to make things more annoying and grindy for the player, not more challenging. (And with the new changes coming for healing, people are going to need a ton of aloe as it is)

A Cimmerian thrall with 5K health wouldn’t be functionally different than one with 15K health, as long they have gruel (or whatever) on them and you have a couple of stacks of healing arrows. They’d be able to kill the same bosses and be at zero risk of getting killed as long as you don’t fall completely asleep at the switch.

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Thrall healing (assuming this hasn’t changed today), is based on its health. So a 5k thrall heals at one third the rate as a 15k thrall.

Once their health is high enough, they don’t even need food or healing arrows to keep topped off. This has at least been addressed in the vanilla game thankfully.

But nothing hits hard enough to warrant a thrall needing active healing, or the player stepping in. The problem we have is to increase the damage of bosses to threaten thalls, means the player with their 400-600hp is going to get wrecked.

That’s why I suggested no more than 2500. They’d still have alot of health, enough to survive hits they are dumbly not avoiding. But the player may need to up their own damage or even take agro from the thrall (this surprisingly isn’t hard to do using dots, or fast hits).

I’m not opposed to reducing some damage in some cases if it means more complex fights. Like my suggestion earlier, where if you get hit, you take maybe 20-30 dmg. But hit again and it does 40-50, and keeps rising. Nothing an average player couldn’t deal with. And if this applied to the thrall as well then the player would likely need to swap who has threat. Like if their thrall takes too many stacks, they may have to take agro, tell the thrall to back up, and kite or block for a bit.

Nothing crazy, but something more than simply popping a healing arrow at the thrall every 10s or so.

I’ve done some light testing in agro. Its seems the amount of damage is irrelevant for agro, but the amount of ‘hits’ or dmg ticks matters. For example, I had a thrall with some altered damage (you can do this with admin commands) doing 900-1000 a hit, and I was doing about 60 with a spear.

Using the light attack of the spear. I was able to take agro from the thrall without using bleed/poison. In addition, envenomed weapons seem to be extremely good for holding agro. We found this out running some of the custom made group oriented dungeons on our server. Our tank would use one of those weapons to grab agro, then block while everyone else dumped damage.

So splitting threat with a thrall is definitely a tactic that some bosses could use for their mechanics. And if someone wants to have their thrall tank for them, they can easily do so by choosing an appropriate weapon. And judging by what’s available in Siptah, there’s only more choices available for that. Maybe even too good.

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