Dying while logged out

My clan has repeatedly died while logged out safe in our beds. We log in to find that our weapons and armor are gone and that the loot bag full of our stuff has decayed. It’s very frustrating and happened many times.
All our star metal tools gone. And it’s so hard to get star metal now. Why is this happening? The only thing I can think of is dying of thirst or hunger while asleep. This shouldn’t be, I can’t log in to eat and drink all day long.

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This has happened to people in my clan as well. One of my friends would leave the game and when he joined the game again all of his gear was gone. There wasn’t even a bag it was just, gone. I have no idea on what’s causing this but I hope it can get resolved.

Before you log out, store your gear in a lock box or vault.

Yeah, we’ve adapted to the glitches.

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Thirst or Hunger has not apply when logout.
It might be too hot or too cold while asleep, cause influence dot damages to death.
Check the temperature your character body before logout.

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