Dynamic Building Damage 30 min ? what this mean can any one explain it too me pls?

i dont understan what this mean that when im only 25/7 i can be raid and when i go offline after 30 min they cant do dmg on my base? any1 can explain pls

When you are online, anyone can come at any time and raid your base. Once there are no clan members online, you will get offline protection 30 mins after the last clan member logs off. Friday/Saturday are special raid days with no offline protection during raid times, you will have raid hours the way they work today on pvp servers and you can be raided regardless if you are online or offline.

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if any clan member is on, you can be raided. If the last member logs off, you can be raided for up to 30 minutes, then your bases are “protected”.
If time restriction is set then that overrides and damage is on during that time frame like it is now. Officials will have a 6 hour window on Fridays and Saturdays, where you can be offlined.

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yes it’s that, you can be raided during your play time, and untill 30mn after you log off. after 30mn your base is under protection. and during friday & saturday normal raid hour (even if you are not here, 17h-23h, your base is raidable)

we wait for clarification about sunday, is sunday totally off for raiding or not.

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this rly bad change this will kill the pvp server … just make it offline cant be raided … like now we have toxic clans like 300 and c9 and other big clans jsut go many server and wipe every1 wtf this will be more easyer form then now the offical server will die even more now no one can paly all the time …or have 2 server for hardcore pvp and one for normal adulplayer :X

How much offline raiding do these clans do to wipe a server?

in my experience after 2 years of pvp, i would say that actually 80% of raid are done offline


So, let me get this straight. Right now, official PVP servers allow offline raiding for 6 hours a day, every day. Using that, these clans that you mentioned go on many servers and wipe everyone.

And yet, the change that restricts offline raiding to 6 hours a day on only two days is somehow making things worse?


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