There is no such thing as "offline raiding" on official pvp servers

I see people constantly rationalising about their base being raided by calling foul that they were" offline raided".

This is total nonsense let me explain why:

Your “base” is in “online” mode during raid timer hours; in my case on server 1964 that’s between 5pm > 11pm ( Oceanic ). Whether you are playing the game or choose not to attend to your base during this time is irrelevant.

If you can’t field at least 1 clan member to be on during these times then that’s you and your clan’s fault…not the raider’s fault for not fitting in to your daily/life/gaming schedule.

Either play or don’t play but don’t whine because other people don’t “check in” with you first to see if they can raid your unattended base.


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