Offline potecion plzzz

hello ther i find it relly anoring play this conan exile game and be offline raid relly hop you cut make sow we cut get offline potecion on after be log oue for 3 houres or somting or you cut make sow we cut just alter to make offline potecions not all of us can play 24 / 7 hop you find a way to make it fun for all

You have an 18 hour grace period and can train an infinite number of thralls/pets for base defense.

No. If you can’t be online, then that sucks for you. You should be grateful this game even has a raid restriction, compared to almost every other survival game that doesn’t.

PvP, as with most games like this, is unfortunately the domain of people with little to no real world responsibilities. It’s best to just accept it, live with it or move on.

Sounds like pve-c might be more for you, either that or move to a less populated server where you can get a decide build spot. A hidden base up on the volcano with a dereko alter in it can be made very hard to raid or even find for that matter

Hit a sore spot there did I? It’s a tale as old as online gaming itself. He who has the least real world responsibilities wins. It’s all a matter of time. Doesn’t really matter how good you are if you aren’t online, now does it?

Many private servers operate with a no offline raid policy, perhaps one of these would be more suitable than the official PvP servers.

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