Dynamic World Events


Dynamic world events refer to any event that occurs in a persistent area as a result of players interacting with and exploring the world. They are called “dynamic” because there are multiple outcomes that also result in new events, thus creating a cascade effect. Once an event has triggered, it will develop whether or not a player attends it. Because of this, there is no real concept of failure or success – the result of any event will simply cause a change in the surrounding area. For example, if NPCs or monsters are successful in raiding an area, they may become strong enough to occupy a fort or key resource location, which could then be taken by players.

Events should be designed to replace traditional quests - players are server-notified when there is a new event nearby rather than looking for an NPC with an exclamation mark over their head. Traditional quests have negative repercussions such as spawn camping and kill stealing. Using a dynamic events approach prevents these issues by promoting player cooperation by rewarding all players that participate in the event 100% of any experience gained without the need to form a party. To keep a consistent level of difficulty along with increased participation, an event would scale dynamically based on the number of active participants. All events need not to require combat to complete.

Event Participation
The foremost requirement of an event is being in the right place at the right time. Events can be discovered in a number of ways, such as exploring the world, conversing with non-player characters, or even through server announcement. Whenever a player comes within range of a new event, a ‘New Event Nearby’ notification could appear on screen along with an event assistant entry on the right-hand side of the UI. In the cases where the event occurs above or below the player, for example up a mountain or while swimming, a marker could be used to indicate an up or down direction. The player map could also be updated with a variety of event-related temporary map markers for as long as a player is within the events range. The player should also be able to turn off dynamic world event notifications.

Event Scaling
Events should scale both up and down according to the number of players who are currently participating. Events can scale in a number of ways:

  • Enemy level can be increased
  • Enemies can gain new abilities
  • New enemy types may appear, including higher level tier thrall versions or even greater pets
  • Enemy count can be increased
  • Objective requirements may increase
    Named thrall enemies associated with the event would never increase in level due to scaling as they are already at the maximum level, but they could be given additional abilities (such as AoE attacks).

Most events would likely scale for up to 10 players. Large scale events might scale much higher to include all the players on a given server.

Events ought to scale according to the number of players around. Even a player that is not participating should scale the event up. Similarly, a player that moves away, either by walking, teleporting, or dying, would immediately scale the event down.

Chained Events
Certain events could also follow after other events without being part of a main event. These chained events could be mechanically identical to large group event, just smaller in size and reward.

At the end of an event, thralls might set to the task of building or repairing damaged structures, or run to another location at the end of an event (like returning to their posts in Sepermeru). Shortly after a dynamic world event, NPCs would return to their normal walking, shop keeping, and conversations like before.

Event Rewards
Once an event is completed, everyone who actively participated should receive experience and material rewards. The amount of reward should be based on the level of the event, the level of the player, and whether the event was successful. If the level of the participant was below or equal to the level of the event, the reward would based on the level of the event. Here’s an example:

Experience Reward
Event Level Character Level Experience
Level 30 Event Level 30 Character 5% towards player’s next level
Level 30 Event Level 20 Character 5% + 2% towards player’s next level
Level 30 Event Level 40 Character 3% towards player’s next level

But what happens if the majority of the players are moderate level, keeping the event scaled to something like level 30?
A dynamic event would something like 5% of experience required for the next level for players of the same level of the event (in this case, level 30). However, higher level characters doing a lower-level event should not receive the same amount of experience ('cause its too easy for them). Likewise, lower level characters doing a higher-level event should not receive the average amount of experience ('cause its harder for them).

If an event fails, players would receive no loot and only half the experience of the ranking for the event:

Reward Level Successful Failed
Great 100% 50%
Good 85% 42.5%
Average 75% 37.5%

Anti-griefing design
In order to prevent griefing, several measures can be added to prevent a group of players from spoiling the event for others:

  • Events never encourage player conflict (in the proximity of the event, PvP and friendly-fire can be disengaged)
  • Higher-leveled players could be temporarily scaled down in areas that are intended for lower leveled players.

Dynamic world events would help add “life” to the world of Conan Exiles and give some replayability to the game as well.


About events and the distribution of experience among the players in joint assignments, I agree. I have long been interested in the system of dynamic events in sandbox games, in the likeness of this. I hope in the future the developers will come up with something in this regard.


I’m sincerely trying to keep my cynicism in check here, but oh, the snark … I feel it rising up within me ….


I like dynamic world events, but not character or npc scaling. I think Skyrim had some of this and it felt too artificial and distracting.
If there was any modification to leveling, I would suggest a death penalty. If you die, you go down a level or otherwise lose experience points and attribute/feat points. This serves to discourage exploits… getting a free teleport by pulling bracelet. Doing super spiderman trying to find weaknesses in a hard to reach base. Doing suicide bombs over and over on bases.


This idea sounds a lot like the FATE (Full Active Time Event) system in Final Fantasy XIV as well, I don’t think it would quite work in a game like Conan Exiles though, as the overall idea has more of a MMO/RPG feel to it, and that’s not what Conan Exiles is meant to be.

This is a bad idea regardless of the game in my opinion, yes, it does disincentivise exploit hunting, but this would make PvP an absolute nightmare for anyone but the “Alpha” clan, as they would just keep hammering everyone else down, keeping them at level 1, making sure they remain unchallenged. There’s a reason almost every modern MMO has done away with this archaic attempt at artificially inflating difficulty, it punishes newcomers for simply playing and punishes risk-taking.


Well, I’ve never played Final Fantasy games, so I’ll take your word for it. I’m sure there’s plenty of room for variations. But I was trying to come up with something that would scale well on multiplayer servers as well as scale to single person gameplay while adding ‘something to do’ to the life of an Exile.


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