Easy Character Transfer

What’s going on with character transfers? Can I just get an easy, naked character transfer to another server? Empty inventory. Just to keep levels, knowledges, recipes?

“You go naked. Something about the field generated by a living organism…” --Reese, The Terminator 1985

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Not yet…it is only available in single-player. SoonTM

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So I did a transfer, and

  1. The recipes did not transfer with the character. By that I mean things you learn from the vaults and spending fragments of power at the Tower. I guess these didn’t transfer because you allow transfer between lands. But it sucks. You ought to keep these if you don’t change lands. People were expecting to keep these I think.
  2. It was nice to bring some things with me, but I hear people are just making multiple accounts to mule endless amounts of stuff from one server to another, particularly after raiding or looting someone. Maybe naked would’ve been better?

The new patch, broadly, caused the following issues:

  1. Much harder to climb/get on top of certain construction pieces for some reason, like foundations. Bizarre new climbing bug.
  2. Sound efx issue in vaults. When you trigger a pressure plate, the rumbling seems to go on and on and on forever now.

Thanks for listening.

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yes the climbing is very annoying, also crafting stops all the time now. For example you have 100 iron reinforcements crafting on your bench and you decide to repair a tool and bam the crafting stops.

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