Ebony Silk Droprate is very low

There are only 3 black corsair spawns.

Sometimes you only get 1 ebony silk. This is VERY LOW output every 15 minutes. The armor is not even that good to justify the low droprate.

So if you really get unlucky, that is 1 hour of farming to get the chest piece done.

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Isn’t it like 90 Armor and +6 Agility per piece? That’s 10 more than standard epic gear and if you are going for straight up light armor agility build with a shieldwright and bulk padding , you are looking at 40% negation and +40% damage. After they nerf skelos master, that is the top you can get for agility damage with armor.

So? just look at siptah armors, when server transfer is back you will see a lot of those on exiled lands too, and those are way cheaper to mass produce. And i never saw a complaint about the skelos armor being too cheap

If it’s soo good, why did I never loot it from players running agility builds? I only looted Skelos Cultist Master Armor.

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The Siptah stuff lost a big chunk of their coolness with 3.0 changes. Sure it’s still nice but nowhere it was prior. I can count on one hand the things I would want from Siptah nowadays.

But since it’s not transferable it’s a moot point. Black Corsair is still one of the top light armors of EL.

Here are the stats.


2% more damage reduction with a 0 grit build.

With 15 Grit, the difference is 48% to 49%.

Meanwhile (15 Grit):


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Yeah silent legion and vf dragon armors rule as far as armor values. Doesn’t matter about the weight of the armor either. These two types are out of spec vs the others. I would reduce these down because of how put of pace they are with the rest. These shouldn’t be seen as the base line. Compare to standard light, medium, and heavy and their epic equivalents.

Yes if all of them (light, medium and heavy) get reduced to the baseline, I am fine with that.

Then armors like Khari, Aesir, Black Corsair and some others will shine again.

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Yeah I just don’t like the sl db domination…but I do love the look of the SL medium. that with assassin mask = doctor doom

I doubt anyone like that there’s pretty much only 2 options of armors for PVP. Back in the days the options wasnt alot either, but atleast people used other gear, even mixed gear different than today.

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