Effigy Z77 Vampire healing off Effigy O33 Reconstructor

The Lord of Veins spamming vampire boss in Castle Scenario can heal pretty significantly off a O33 Reconstructor, which a player cannot position or control once they pick it up. It just follows them around and stands in Lord of Veins and makes the encounter much more obnoxious than it needs to be.

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Personally I am no fan of selfhealing bosses as they are an easy way to get into a stalemate between ones own damage and the ability of the enemy to substain tank against it.
Personally I believe it’s better to transform selfheal effects into larger healbars. The Akab boss had to get his heal changed because he was such a case where the selfheal held against player damage output.

I am fine with his self-heal. It’s controllable either by not standing in it or stunning it. Except when one has the otherwise beneficial O33 Reconstructor.

The Ak’ab boss’s heal was changed because he straight up cast it too often. He still has it and it’s still very strong if it’s not managed correctly.

Just a personal quirk I have with the mechanic in general in video games. No “have to make it go away” more a “that will bite you into the ankle if not really careful”

Generally Enemy AoE and the Effigy O33 Reconstructor. If you get a lot of filth or other AoEs it gets taken out quite fast. Maybe make it so it doesn’t take damage period? Personally don’t find it a good enough positive effect, to make it killabale as a means to outweight it.

I’d much rather it and the gadget version you get were just an effect on the player rather than a distinct entity. The gadget version at least can’t be killed or block your way like the other version but if you’re running around a lot it lags behind and barely heals you.

I never pick up the bonus drone because of this, and because it’s made of wet paper and dies in 2 seconds, anyway. What’s worse about the vampire boss is if you get the “powerful ally” helper and it somehow aggros to the boss. Then it’s out there fighting with you the whole time and there’s nothing you can do about it and the Vamp boss just heals up constantly. Takes forever for the ally to die like this.