Elite wolf is too strong

the elite wolf killed my jaguar in 10 seconds, so he is more powerful than the most important bosses in the game? because none of them was able to kill my pet in 10 seconds …

I dont understand what are you doing in test live?


Isn’t just in testlive, I flat out run from elite wolves in live now, and even the regular wolves are tougher than they should be. They’re harder than regular bears are now.

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I like the added difficulty. They should adjust up other creatures based off the corrupted wolf. They should also make certain creatures faster so they can run you down. A person shouldn’t be able to out run anything with four legs.

Aaaand here comes the guy wanting to nerf bat everything cause his pet got killed …

Bosses AI is a shame as all the thrall AI in general. Please hire new coders for the AI part and balance the difficulty.
There are guides everywhere on how to solo bosses by exploiting this bad AI. When a boss has no player or thrall in malee range it should spit or throw something with great power.

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