Emergent Gameplay - The Ready Room


So I have this indoor Maproom.

Everytime I am about to set out on an adventure I realize I have a lot of crap in my inventory.
Thanks to being able to pick most furniture up again, I re-arranged my base.

I now have a “sorting vault” in front of the Maproom, and behind that sorting vault is my workshop - Vault access from all sides.

Next to that sorting vault is a bar and a fridge, with alcohol, anti-dotes and potions.
With chests now being pick-up with the gear automatically being transfered, I can make “missions load-outs” (situational gear for each biome and activity), “dose boxes (5 alcohol 1 anti-dote)” and “wipe recovery suites (full replacement load-outs)”, where I need just pick the chest up and boom. I am ready to go.

Being able to pick furnitures up changed everything for the better.
Now one can create situational rooms and context sensitive layouts without worrying about future-proofing it.
I can re-arrange vaults by putting the contents into temporary storage boxes stacked nearby, then systematically pick them up to refill the vault at it’s new location without re-arranging all the pre-existing boxes allocated resources.

It encourages experimentation without frustration.

I have a few friends who want to try Conan Exiles. I can now prepare gear-kits and wipe-boxes for them, so they don’t have to feel bad for “stealing” stuff from my armory and being a “leech”, or “wasting resources” by dieing to silly things like sandstorms, by forgetting the sandstorm mask. I can build rooms for them in the meanwhile; no boxes wasted when the rooms are done.

I also re-flipped a few wrong-facing but foundational walls, that were adjacent to a lot of boxes and workstations. The colliders seem to be a lot more lenient now, making wall replacement easier.

Good Job Funcom :slight_smile:


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