End of Days Event

The new event is kind of OK, but I’m disappointed that there’s no End of Days event.

Does the absence of End of Days this year, mean that it’ll never be brought back in SWL ?

The 2 cutscenes in the Scorched Desert were really good, and the Road to Xibalba dungeon had a really unique vibe. It would have been nice to see them again.

They’d have to change the story a bit though, given that there’s no longer the whole Mayan doomsday stuff irl. Throw in the way that we no longer have the random world bosses and you have something which would potentially take a fair bit of work.

Totally new content tends to be more attractive, because it’s fresh for everyone, not just those who didn’t play TSW. If it’ll take a similar amount of work to make new stuff, or to rewrite old stuff, it’s logical to prioritise the new.

Didn’t stop them from re-running the even in TSW until the end of active development days. Also, one might argue that the easiest fix would be to officially say, “The in-game year is 2012.”

That would explain why SWL’s tech does seems bit behind the times overall. I mean, seriously, SMS? A mummy as up-to-date as Said should be contacting me via WhatsApp in 2018! Well, or maybe Facebook Chat. He’s old people, after all.


True, but it still loses out in terms of the public awareness that we had when it first ran, which reduces the impact somewhat. I’m not saying it’s an insurmountable problem, but when weighing up the pros and cons, it’d be less pro than it was 6 years ago.

And they did actually change the re-run so that they were all echoes. That was an easy change back in TSW, it’s no-where near the amount of work it’d require in SWL. Again, there’s ways to do it, but it’d still be a lot of work for old content.

We can listen to this while lamenting lost content (and our lost game)…

Is this content sponsored by Mark Z. ?

No. Mark Z. doesn’t actually want you to realize Facebook is all mommies and mummies these days.