Enemies under awnings take zero damage


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Fight enemies under awnings
  2. See that they don’t take regular or KO damage
  3. Get mad

@Koheezy Please specify which kinds of enemies :wink:

A) Destroy the awning if possible, then try again.
B) Shoot them with an arrow first, then try again.
taken from: I understand now

This issue is possibly related to Some awnings causing npc immunity

Work arounds are not solutions. They just enable the devs to not fix problems. You don’t need work arounds to problems when there are no problems.

Aka fix the game.


I wish it was just awnings. Since 1.13 some just stop taking damage even in the open. Most common when an archer switches weapons but others do it was well.

I was told it’s just graphical, the game will catch up but that’s not true. Black galleon, 1h hardened steel sword and board (using because of nameplate load delays) means 3 heavy hits equal dead. Gave one 8 heavies, no damage. Let him beat on the shield some, no “catchup” death.

Not under anything, just immune to damage. Was in an area I usually pull groups that have one I want to knock out and I’m culling the pack so I know there is no issue before 1.13 and still in 1.14. Seen it just out in the wild sometimes as well. After a minute they will take damage again if it’s not around the weapon change issue. That clears up much quicker.

PS4, singleplayer, offline.

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@Kedryn You might be suffering from some desync there, but I have 0 technical knowledge, so don’t correct me on that.

I think your issue is different from this one though, so I’d recommend making your own bug report thread. I can’t seem to find a post that’s similair (there sure be some sneaking around, lmao)