Entertaining armour

I’ll keep this simple: armour designed specifically for dancer thralls that boosts the effectiveness of the entertainment.


I like it, but how to add that when there is no attribute that affects it?

The boost would only work on actual entertainer thralls, the armour could still be worn by other thralls or players but with no added entertainment bonus. I don’t know anything about programming/coding or whatever so exact details are beyond me, but if it’s possible it would be nice.

When I saw the thread title I was immediately thinking of something along the lines of authentic medieval armored codpieces. I mean, if we have boob armor for women, why not codpieces the size of actual cods for men?


As for the actual topic: I was just running around with a dancer thrall yesterday and felt really weird decking him out in armor-armor because it looks weird to see Bohdan the Flexible prancing around wearing a suit of Aquilonian, but I was afraid a dancer skirt wouldn’t keep him alive. So yeah, something more protective than silks, but stylistically still suitable for entertainers, would be very nice. (I’m glad for Hyperborean slaver loincloth, but it gets old.)

Males cod have cod pieces if that’s what is wanted. I have similar issue with my combat dancer, the rest stay home where they are safe.

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